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  1. Slingeraap

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    Yes she send me the same pictures with her tattoo
    I write under another name but in my vacation I could not write her,
    Here her letters,

    28 July 2007
    Hello. How you today? My working day is already completed and
    consequently before to go home I has decided to
    write to you. Today I was bad myself I feel, probably it because of
    What weather now there at you? Here today not clear weather the sun
    shines and it is hot, there is a rain and
    The wind begins. Speak, that in August here again there should be a hot
    Tomorrow a day off and I at all I do not know as him to carry out, for
    certain I shall be houses and if there
    will be a good weather I shall take a walk on shops.
    On it I finish the letter. I wish you successful Weekend. I wait for
    your answer. Jenya.

    Her letter 01 August 2007

    Hello. the free time has appeared and I have decided to go in
    Internet-cafe and to write to you. Unfortunately
    I should What answer from you.
    At me everything is all right. But I want to find out concerning you.
    How you? How there is your work? Your
    letters it is simple Lift my mood. Therefore I want to ask you that you
    wrote as it is possible more often. We
    should show Interest to the friend to the friend. If you have no desire
    to continue our correspondence you
    should inform me about it. On it I finish the letter and I wait for
    your answer. Jenya.
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  2. Slingeraap

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    Again Jenya

    I do not need to write her she send me every 4-5 days automatic a message now wait for the next letter.

    Received 6th August,

    Hello. How you? How you have carried out yours weekend? It is very
    interesting to me to find out about it. As
    I want to know as Will spend it in your country. You see in each
    country there are principles and rituals.
    Here for example at this time People will spend basically on summer
    residences, a beach, in a wood and on
    Weekend I have carried out this at my parents. I have arrived back
    only today. Unfortunately I have no much
    Time to write to you as it is already necessary for me to run on work.
    I wait for your answer. Jenya.
  3. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Swift transfer

    Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas via Swift. http://www.fraudaid.com/How-To-Deal...d/Wire_Transfers/SWIFT.htm#What is S.W.I.F.T?)
    Jenya has found Swift and the anonymity that exist are explored http://forum.joomlacrib.com/showthread.php?p=23

    Hello my dear *****
    My dear, how your affairs? How your health? It would be desirable to
    hope, that at you and with you
    all is good. I was so is happy to receive your letter. In the letter
    you have written to me that you
    not against me to help.
    My dear, I so am happy, that you want to help me. You have proved to
    me that you careful the man and
    can take care of me. Lovely, unfortunately I do not have own bank
    account, therefore I want to give
    you the information of the account of my cousin. He has agreed, that
    you have sent money for his
    account. He at once will give me of money as soon as you will send to
    me this money. Ok? My dear, my
    brother has told to me, that the Russian account differs from foreign.
    Therefore it is necessary for
    you to copy this account on a paper and to go with him to bank. There
    to you everyone will help to
    make and will explain to you how to send money. Ok? The information of
    the account:

    57:Beneficiary Bank SWIFT: CBGURUMM; Account with correspondent bank:
    04413603; Name: JSC Vneshtorgbank Retail Financial
    Services; Address: 5 Dolgorukovskaya Str., Moscow
    56:Correspondent Bank of beneficiary's bank: SWIFT: BKTRUS33; Name:
    Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas; ABA: 021001033;
    Address: 60, Wall Street, New York, NY; zip code: 10004
    59:Beneficiary: 4483460588537948 Farshatov Robert
    72:payment details: Replenishment of Bank Card

    Lovely, write to me more likely. I with impatience shall wait for your
    answer. I am very happy to that could find you. You the best the man on the ground. I was convinced of it. Because you do not leave to me during the difficult moment and agree to help me. I very much appreciate your care. I
    wait for your answer. My kisses only for you.

    Only yours Jenya.
  4. Slingeraap

    Slingeraap New Member

    I never send her answer but again a new letter

    Hello. How you? How your health? I hope, that at you everything is all
    right, as well as at me. Today birthday
    at My girlfriend. She has invited me today to celebrate her birthday.
    On a way I have decided To come in the
    Internet-cafe, to inform you about it and to tell, that at me
    everything is all right. I wait for your answer.
  5. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Yes I assume it is a female and that she reads English language, so she does not put the name at the top and just keeps slowly working away until one of her mailers falls into the trap .
    The theory is if you keep writing to her you cannot know about their game ,well the more people that know about their game the better. The tech is well organised and they mess with people for money . Ben
  6. Trickster

    Trickster Member United States (Woodstock)*


    I never emailed her...

    Very pleasantly that you have responded to my message.
    I am sorry that did not write to you for a long time. At us in Russia celebrated Christmas.
    I have met this Christmas in the best image. Namely the company of girlfriends has gathered. We went round familiar, sang christmas songs,
    and they submitted to us of a sweet, tangerines and treated with wine. Have very cheerfully spent.
    Today I have a headache, but I nevertheless have come to cafe the Internet.
    I shall write shortly about myself.
    I live in Russia. To me of 29 years.
    I search for serious and long relations.
    I consider myself very feminine, romantic, full of life energy & love to share, affectionate, sympathetic,
    sensual & caring, sociable, easy to get along with,conservative when it has to
    do with family values, family-oriented, cheerful, easy-going,
    sensible, well-bred, loyal, peace-loving (I hate arguing).
    I do not have children, but I'd love to with the right reliable person.
    For fun I like to go in for sports, go to a cinema.
    I like to visit concerts and exhibitions.
    I lead healthy life & try to keep fit. I do not smoke,do not accepted drugs.
    If I have interested you and you have serious intentions write to me. I shall be very glad to your letter.
    In more detail about myself I shall write in the subsequent letters.

    Elena Lnochka.jpg United States (Woodstock)*
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  7. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Googling >
    gets > http://www.delphifaq.com/faq/russian_marriage_scams/f1326.shtml?p=356

    Googling IP address: probably sock proxy

    Reverse DNS authenticity: [Could be forged: hostname does not exist]
  8. Trickster

    Trickster Member

    Oh my there is a ton of hits on that IP addy .Is it one of those IP switcher or hiders (not sure on proper terms) that it is using?
  9. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Yep, a ton of hits on the proxy /switcher & yahoo has premium account mail settings to encorperate other tricks :14s:
    They probably concentrate on trying to stop the real origin of mail from Marie-El Russia groups . Headers will often vary with each mail which can give their game away .
  10. Trickster

    Trickster Member

    Russians are sharper than the Africans but I wish they had a better translator..LOL
  11. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Funnily enough that's part of how it works :( , scripted letters which don't reply to mail topics plus incomprehensible words can be excused for lack of a language skills by a victim. On the other hand couple that with Western Union bait modalites and it makes Russians scammers fun to bait once you get them to the money letter :D
  12. Trickster

    Trickster Member

    They are tricky to get off script but I have managed to do that somewhat. I like them a lot the seem to be longer term baits but I do have one in Ghana that has been going on for two months...
  13. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Russian love tends to be all script (till money time) or bits of script and then you are delegated to an actual person one -on -one. Seldom a lone girl scammer writes letters and obtains photo sets etc. .....but they know that if you keep writing you've fallen for it .
    Were African lads talk about sex Russians tend not to go into detail , one way of detecting male or female is in sex talk with Russians , Boris is not comfortable doing that , he /she knows if a guy is serious enough to send air fare any sex talk would not go graphic . Nigerians don't seem to grasp that contcept and in that regard they seem unsophisticated in their love scams by comparison .:cool:
  14. Trickster

    Trickster Member

    Yeah they are almost like form letter same general storyline but I like them a lot...:D
  15. Wonderwoman

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    I want to talk.

    From .revip5.asianet.co.th [])
    City Bangkok
    State or Region Krung Thep
    Country Thailand
    ISP True WIFI by True Online.
    Latitude & Longitude 13.753946 100.502242 MapG MapV
    Domain ASIANET.CO.TH
    From: "Elena" <trick420t@aol.com>

    Hello! You written by the Russian girl. My name is Elena I search for the man for family creation. I understand. It sounds strange. And I think, now it is not necessary to think of love. At first I want to be your friend. And I hope, you will answer me soon. I am lonely. And I was tired of this loneliness. I hope to find the good man in the Internet. You the good man?) I hope for it. Now you see not the big letter and one my photo. I will wait your answer. And I can write to you about me in detail. And you will see my new photos. Write on my an e-mail: ankovrovka@yahoo.com.

    I will necessarily answer you!


    Picture used by this scammer:

  16. sou_eu

    sou_eu Ninja

    In meetic´s chat she says she lives in Moscow


  17. Ben

    Ben Samurai

    Photos are here:

    1st scripted letter:

    I glad to write you. My name 's Elena.
    I am from Russia.
    My meeting agency support to me and to me give your adress because we can
    be compatible in our favor and seeking.
    I would want some to inform about me now. When I was small, I wanted to
    become a doctor! I consider that it some kind of art. Help people is good
    thing. I always like to open something new. That is why I'm a big fan of
    traveling besides I am very sociable person and youwill never be bored in my
    company. Youwill see that this is true. I want to search a pure love here.
    I want to search someone who will appreciate me like a woman.
    I don't know it sounds banal, but I really want to be a partner, I want to
    to share all my affection, care and part of me with my
    send your message to me & We can to proceed our converse.
    My e-mail is : dalanadalan@yahoo.com
    I will wait your message. All the best!.

    sender spoofing email IP origin
    actual IP dynamic ip-176-215-70-108.pppoe.yola.ertelecom.ru

    scripted letter 2:

    Hello ++++!
    This is Elena. I am very glad that you
    answer on my letter on my email box. To me very pleasant, that you
    have given me attention by your message. And I hope that we will be
    having the correspondence and we will be making friends. In my letter
    I want to say that I also single person who want to find serious
    relationship. I believe that in our big world we knowingly cross and
    the destiny connects us. I have 31 years old and my birthday at 05
    May. And you? I am attractive, graceful lady, I have a blond
    hair. I want to inform, that I do not smoke, and I do not drink strong
    drinks, except a glass champagne or good wine on holidays in a circle
    of a family or friends. I had relations with man in PAST, I was
    marriage but I divorced and lonely now. I have not children, but I
    very much like children. I live in small flat, the center part of
    Russia, in beautiful, but not big city is Volzhsk. This
    city in Mari Republic, about 850 km from Moscow. I send you my
    photos. And I will wait your photos. The main features of human
    character I think sincerity, kindness, politeness. As I think, that
    for person. it is necessary should be the respectable citizen with
    love to the country. I believe in the sincere love and relations and
    hope that my searching will be successful. In the world so much single
    people but love always comes suddenly, when we do not wait it.
    Possible this love somewhere far off from us, in other country, so us
    need simply to give a hand for each other and possible we both
    searched for each other the whole life. Let's take a chance and try,
    possible you searching me the whole life, and maybe I look for you? I
    confident that you will be interestingly to tell me something about
    you. Well? I hope soon to get your answer and photo. Have a nice day.
  18. Spanish Administrator

    Spanish Administrator THE Spanish Administrator Staff Member

    From Elena
    Return-Path: ~kiiselena@yahoo.com>
    Received: from (HELO smtp105.prem.mail.ac4.yahoo.com) ( USA server
    Date: Sat, 12 May 2012
    From: Elena ~kiiselena@yahoo.com>
    Message-ID: ~13518208.20120512075149@yahoo.com>
    Subject: Hello!

    Some time back you wrote to me message on www.christiancafe.com
    I could not answer at once you, and I write now.
    If All of you still, everyone are interested in acquaintance to me, write to me, and I shall answer.
    Mine e-mail kiiselena@yahoo.com
    Yours faithfully Elena

  19. The Doctor

    The Doctor Administrator Staff Member

    From 12345elena12345elena@gmail.com
    Return-Path: <adamo80@aliceposta.it>
    Received: from (EHLO smtp203.alice.it) (
    From: 12345elena12345elena@gmail.com
    Subject: Hi
    Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2016

    Hello. My name is Elena, my age is 26 years .I live in Russia. I want to get acquainted with a man for serious relationship. I was in a dating agency and they gave me your e-mail. I want to know if you have the desire to continue communication with me? I'm sending you my photo. I’m looking forward to your reply.
  20. Sphinx

    Sphinx Administrator Staff Member

    From:, [​IMG] Italy, Colonna, Vodafone Omnitel B.v.
    From "Elena"
    Return-Path: <lovepitbulls97@hotmail.com>
    Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016
    Reply-To: "Elena" <lovepitbulls97@hotmail.com>
    From: "Elena" <lovepitbulls97@hotmail.com>
    Subject: Hello

    How is your mood?
    Hope, you have a good mood! I am fine, because I can writefirst message to you! Ok, you can call me Elena, I am 32 years old, but I don't meet prince in real life. And what about you? My friends thinking about me, that I am cheerful woman. I have many friends in my life, but they are only friends. I have many interests. We can speaking about us and more, if you will write me. Please reply soon! I will be wait news from you. Your new friend.


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