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    Yes she send me the same pictures with her tattoo
    I write under another name but in my vacation I could not write her,
    Here her letters,

    28 July 2007
    Hello. How you today? My working day is already completed and
    consequently before to go home I has decided to
    write to you. Today I was bad myself I feel, probably it because of
    What weather now there at you? Here today not clear weather the sun
    shines and it is hot, there is a rain and
    The wind begins. Speak, that in August here again there should be a hot
    Tomorrow a day off and I at all I do not know as him to carry out, for
    certain I shall be houses and if there
    will be a good weather I shall take a walk on shops.
    On it I finish the letter. I wish you successful Weekend. I wait for
    your answer. Jenya.

    Her letter 01 August 2007

    Hello. the free time has appeared and I have decided to go in
    Internet-cafe and to write to you. Unfortunately
    I should What answer from you.
    At me everything is all right. But I want to find out concerning you.
    How you? How there is your work? Your
    letters it is simple Lift my mood. Therefore I want to ask you that you
    wrote as it is possible more often. We
    should show Interest to the friend to the friend. If you have no desire
    to continue our correspondence you
    should inform me about it. On it I finish the letter and I wait for
    your answer. Jenya.
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    Again Jenya

    I do not need to write her she send me every 4-5 days automatic a message now wait for the next letter.

    Received 6th August,

    Hello. How you? How you have carried out yours weekend? It is very
    interesting to me to find out about it. As
    I want to know as Will spend it in your country. You see in each
    country there are principles and rituals.
    Here for example at this time People will spend basically on summer
    residences, a beach, in a wood and on
    Weekend I have carried out this at my parents. I have arrived back
    only today. Unfortunately I have no much
    Time to write to you as it is already necessary for me to run on work.
    I wait for your answer. Jenya.
  3. Ben

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    Hi Slingeraap
    Yes it is very mechanical almost as if it is automated .....
    I still have contact and will keep posting :cool:
  4. Ben

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    Swift transfer

    Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas via Swift. http://www.fraudaid.com/How-To-Deal...d/Wire_Transfers/SWIFT.htm#What is S.W.I.F.T?)
    Jenya has found Swift and the anonymity that exist are explored http://forum.joomlacrib.com/showthread.php?p=23

    Hello my dear *****
    My dear, how your affairs? How your health? It would be desirable to
    hope, that at you and with you
    all is good. I was so is happy to receive your letter. In the letter
    you have written to me that you
    not against me to help.
    My dear, I so am happy, that you want to help me. You have proved to
    me that you careful the man and
    can take care of me. Lovely, unfortunately I do not have own bank
    account, therefore I want to give
    you the information of the account of my cousin. He has agreed, that
    you have sent money for his
    account. He at once will give me of money as soon as you will send to
    me this money. Ok? My dear, my
    brother has told to me, that the Russian account differs from foreign.
    Therefore it is necessary for
    you to copy this account on a paper and to go with him to bank. There
    to you everyone will help to
    make and will explain to you how to send money. Ok? The information of
    the account:

    57:Beneficiary Bank SWIFT: CBGURUMM; Account with correspondent bank:
    04413603; Name: JSC Vneshtorgbank Retail Financial
    Services; Address: 5 Dolgorukovskaya Str., Moscow
    56:Correspondent Bank of beneficiary's bank: SWIFT: BKTRUS33; Name:
    Deutsche Bank Trust Company Americas; ABA: 021001033;
    Address: 60, Wall Street, New York, NY; zip code: 10004
    59:Beneficiary: 4483460588537948 Farshatov Robert
    72:payment details: Replenishment of Bank Card

    Lovely, write to me more likely. I with impatience shall wait for your
    answer. I am very happy to that could find you. You the best the man on the ground. I was convinced of it. Because you do not leave to me during the difficult moment and agree to help me. I very much appreciate your care. I
    wait for your answer. My kisses only for you.

    Only yours Jenya.
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    I never send her answer but again a new letter

    Hello. How you? How your health? I hope, that at you everything is all
    right, as well as at me. Today birthday
    at My girlfriend. She has invited me today to celebrate her birthday.
    On a way I have decided To come in the
    Internet-cafe, to inform you about it and to tell, that at me
    everything is all right. I wait for your answer.
  6. Ben

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    Yes I assume it is a female and that she reads English language, so she does not put the name at the top and just keeps slowly working away until one of her mailers falls into the trap .
    The theory is if you keep writing to her you cannot know about their game ,well the more people that know about their game the better. The tech is well organised and they mess with people for money . Ben
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    Marina ladymarinochka@yahoo.de

    Date site info 19 Oct 07
    It could be the same scam group using this image, a connection with bank details,saying speaks German and book-keeper in previous scripts

    Hello my name is Marina! You have very much liked me, I would like to know you better! I did not think that on this site I meet such fine person! And among all people only you one has liked me! I do not know why, but my female intuition prompts me that you very good person! I cannot write to you on this site datemefree.com therefore write to me on mine e-mail: ladymarinochka@yahoo.de my e-mail always with me, I can answer you every day. Or leave to me yours e-mail I to you I shall write! I can send you many photos and some video! At you is yahoo messenger??? We could communicate on line. I with impatience shall wait for your letter!

    Date site profile " Marino4ka "
    - 25 y/o female
    - Yoshkar-ola, Russia
    - English, German, Russian
    - The bookkeeper
    - Have no children
    - Last logged in: 2007-10-19
    - E-Mail or ID: 43638

    I the young girl, on a kind not causing, but inside I not such, I very sociable, try to do that that for the blessing everything, not only for myself! Write to me on mine e-mail
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    I can't keep up with "my new friend" who constantly changes her name , email and now works on another set of scripts .

    searching Marino4ka on http://www.alltheweb.com/ (gulp)


    First letter:

    Hi the my dear friend!
    I am very pleased, that you have answered my short letter to you. It is really pleasant for me to realize, that I have interested you. And at you the desire to get acquainted with me has appeared closer.
    From my first letter to you, you have already understood, that my name - Marina

    To me of 25 years. I the beautiful young woman going on this remarkable life without its satellite.
    I have lived all life in Russia, I was born in settlement Kokshaysk. It is very beautiful and small settlement. For all life I, was possible to tell, did not leave it. In the childhood I, certainly, have visited large cities of Russia. In such, as Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Samara. You sometime were in Russia?
    And where you in general were? What it was pleasant to you most of all and whether in general it was pleasant? It would be very interesting to me to learn about it.
    About my settlement you for certain did not hear, but I shall try to you to explain, where it is. It is located on the river Volga of Russia, in 800 Kilometers from Moscow. Having looked on a card, you can learn approximately about his site.
    I very much love the settlement, as such, with his beauty, museums, houses. Only because it - my settlement!
    Settlement I have left school in it, having studied in it of 11 classes, I have decided to find in myself economic abilities. Then I have acted in the State University. And now I have the diploma in higher education and on a speciality book keeping and audit.
    After the termination of university, I with ease intended to find to myself profitable employment. But has understood, that it not so is simple. As our settlement is very small, work in it to find almost that is impossible. My speciality, certainly, is claimed, but only in the most best quality. To take a place of the good bookkeeper to me it is necessary to have the working experience that means work on the previous place not less than five years. But it is simply impossible, because as the young expert just ended university, can have this experience. After all my searches, me have accepted in shop which delivers all settlement various electric details. In shop, under the name "Light" I work five years. I there in common two posts, work as the assistant to the bookkeeper and the manager of a hall. Certainly, I dream about something the greater, but also this work too very much is pleasant to me. My working day lasts seven hours, and I have two days off in a week, including all state holidays and red days of a calendar. Our shop is in the center settlement and it is considered big enough. Owners of shop in the near future want still will extend, and to open one more shop in which it is possible me will already accept on a post of the chief accountant. To that I am very glad.
    Tell to me more about your work in what she consists? Whether in what you are engaged is pleasant to you?
    In general it is interesting to me to learn more about your life.
    Having run it is a little forward, I have not told about what pleasant to engaged to me. When I went to school, I had the big interest to dances. At school I was one of the most active schoolgirls. I always took part in various competitions. At school of me always named the gifted child. In dances, it is possible to tell, has found itself. Besides school, I also visited employment on dances. To tell the truth, it was not so convenient, because the school of dances was in several minutes of walking from my house. I received lessons of dances within three years. I and to this day am fond of dances. Most of all I prefer dances of east countries. Now, when I still has free time, I visit fitness a hall where I can be engaged in the favourite business. I think, that at me very beautiful body and a fine figure. I always try to care of the appearance. In it I am am helped by sports and my employment by dances.
    Tell to me about you are fond of what? What do you do during free time from work? Whether you love sports? What kind you prefer sports? Sports in my life take very significant place, in dances I find everything, that it is necessary for me.
    And in the winter I very much like to go for a drive both on skates, and on a ski. My grandmother lives near to my settlement. All life she together with the grandfather have worked on the basis of rest "Sail". Now they already on pension and at them there the apartment where they live. Earlier I every winter carried out together with them. There I had a rest and very cheerfully spent time. Now I very seldom am at them. If only at me free day will drop out and I can lead it on a beach. Last time I saw them in the last summer. Very much I hope, that I can shortly see them. I too not frequently see parents. Till 23 years I lived together with them but after I have found work with which help I can rent the apartment. Parents live in own house. In our settlement many so-called private sectors where people both rich and poor live. Rich buy up there the grounds and build there cottages, and poor patch a hole on the houses and hope, that will sometime give the comfortable apartments. Many private have already demolished sector and on their place have constructed inhabited multi-storey houses.
    And my parents too hope, that sometime to them too will give an apartment.
    Though in this house I have grown and have lived very much the most part of the life. Our house very old and when at me the opportunity to rent the apartment has appeared, I have suggested parents to move together with me. But they were categorically against. They have constructed this house own hands and have enclosed in him all life. Our house is on surburb of settlement and consequently I cannot frequently visit them. But we try even once a week to meet behind a lunch table in our house.
    Tell to me more about your family. Where and how your parents live? All this is very interesting to me.
    Probably, you interested with that fact, that I have addressed to the Internet to get acquainted with the man. I even would tell to not get acquainted, and to find the partner for the life. It is my first experience of acquaintance. And I very much would like to make friends with you. Certainly, I had attitudes with men, but simply could not find suitable for me. It would be very interesting to me to know, why you have decided to address to the Internet? What do you search? I hope, that you understand, that serious attitudes are necessary for me only. I to be engaged would not begin it simply if searched simply flirtation or usual dialogue. I already enough the adult and serious person. I the purposeful young woman who achieved all in the life itself. And I always achieved everything that wanted. Now in my life there has come such moment when the assistant is necessary for me oppress. The person on whom I can always rely to whom I shall trust, love and care. I want to create family, and for this purpose for me is necessary such the man which can understand and help me in all. Whether as to me you are interesting to know was married? Whether you have children? And in general as you concern to children? I was never married, and children at me are not present. As I have no any harmful habits. As a whole I the vigorous and purposeful person. I very much would want to learn you closer. I hope, soon to see your letter. Would like to see more than your photos. Whenever possible I shall send you own.
    It is interesting to me to know, how you look, as your voice, easier speaking sounds, I very much want, that we with you have made friends.
    I with impatience shall wait for your answer. I hope, that you will not leave my questions without attention.
    Your new friend, Marina
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    Same first letter as " book-keeper " on previous page, also mailing on shmarincho25@yahoo.de
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    9 Computers now for this group, it was 4 not long ago

    Delivery-Date: Thu, 08 Nov 2007 01 +0100
    Received-SPF: none (mxeu10: ********** is neither permitted nor denied by domain of yahoo.de) client-ip=**********; envelope-from=shmarincho25@yahoo.de; helo=nine.mx.**********;
    Received: from nine.mx.********** (nine.mx.********** [**********])
    by mx.********** (node=mxeu10) with ESMTP (**********)
    id 0MKu60-1Iq9HU1R0G-0002Mp for **********; Thu, 08 Nov 2007 16: +0100
    Received: from smtp006.mail.ukl.yahoo.com ([])
    by nine.mx.********** with smtp (Exim 4.68)
    (envelope-from )
    id 1Iq9HQ-0007VG-DW
    for @**********; Thu, 08 Nov 2007 15:26:53 +0000
    Received: (qmail 80122 invoked from network); 8 Nov 2007 12 -0000
    DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
    s=s1024; d=yahoo.de;
    h=Received:X-YMail From:X-Mailer:X-Priority:Message-ID:To:Subject:References:MIME-Version:Content-Type;
    b=CeOXw3ifHxBA9oBRFSIH+xfP1ar82gYH9rbdj7MR2rdJ861wT2L9XMTcoYqlAw2Qjvv9kLqf2uIfiukSsTwgKZ7ajgdgdKmD0kvAYzak+PwQGVuzwSGYMTdQZBsI4LmvePqf/UpRMW+kYw9cSanidnH5pnii7ONwj5FkygV9Cz0= ;
    Received: from unknown (HELO COMP-9) (shmarincho25@ with plain)
    by smtp006.mail.ukl.yahoo.com with SMTP;
    X-YMail- UdWL_uMVM1l4x1ETMTLQg7DsHxmVU._En_eifIFqOc1oGBHP9RJxVFoutWbbsGYGkGJcdt.0CFu_uLJj
    Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 18:08:52 +0300
    From: shmarincho25@yahoo.de
    X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.3) Professional
    X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
    Message-ID: <652052569.20071107180852@yahoo.de>
    Subject: Hello
    References: 119421 . @**********
    MIME-Version: 1.0
    Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
    Envelope-To: **********
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  11. Ben

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    Photos are here:

    1st scripted letter:

    I glad to write you. My name 's Elena.
    I am from Russia.
    My meeting agency support to me and to me give your adress because we can
    be compatible in our favor and seeking.
    I would want some to inform about me now. When I was small, I wanted to
    become a doctor! I consider that it some kind of art. Help people is good
    thing. I always like to open something new. That is why I'm a big fan of
    traveling besides I am very sociable person and youwill never be bored in my
    company. Youwill see that this is true. I want to search a pure love here.
    I want to search someone who will appreciate me like a woman.
    I don't know it sounds banal, but I really want to be a partner, I want to
    to share all my affection, care and part of me with my
    send your message to me & We can to proceed our converse.
    My e-mail is : dalanadalan@yahoo.com
    I will wait your message. All the best!.

    sender spoofing email IP origin
    actual IP dynamic ip-176-215-70-108.pppoe.yola.ertelecom.ru

    scripted letter 2:

    Hello ++++!
    This is Elena. I am very glad that you
    answer on my letter on my email box. To me very pleasant, that you
    have given me attention by your message. And I hope that we will be
    having the correspondence and we will be making friends. In my letter
    I want to say that I also single person who want to find serious
    relationship. I believe that in our big world we knowingly cross and
    the destiny connects us. I have 31 years old and my birthday at 05
    May. And you? I am attractive, graceful lady, I have a blond
    hair. I want to inform, that I do not smoke, and I do not drink strong
    drinks, except a glass champagne or good wine on holidays in a circle
    of a family or friends. I had relations with man in PAST, I was
    marriage but I divorced and lonely now. I have not children, but I
    very much like children. I live in small flat, the center part of
    Russia, in beautiful, but not big city is Volzhsk. This
    city in Mari Republic, about 850 km from Moscow. I send you my
    photos. And I will wait your photos. The main features of human
    character I think sincerity, kindness, politeness. As I think, that
    for person. it is necessary should be the respectable citizen with
    love to the country. I believe in the sincere love and relations and
    hope that my searching will be successful. In the world so much single
    people but love always comes suddenly, when we do not wait it.
    Possible this love somewhere far off from us, in other country, so us
    need simply to give a hand for each other and possible we both
    searched for each other the whole life. Let's take a chance and try,
    possible you searching me the whole life, and maybe I look for you? I
    confident that you will be interestingly to tell me something about
    you. Well? I hope soon to get your answer and photo. Have a nice day.
  12. Spanish Administrator

    Spanish Administrator THE Spanish Administrator Staff Member

    From Elena
    Return-Path: ~kiiselena@yahoo.com>
    Received: from (HELO smtp105.prem.mail.ac4.yahoo.com) ( USA server
    Date: Sat, 12 May 2012
    From: Elena ~kiiselena@yahoo.com>
    Message-ID: ~13518208.20120512075149@yahoo.com>
    Subject: Hello!

    Some time back you wrote to me message on www.christiancafe.com
    I could not answer at once you, and I write now.
    If All of you still, everyone are interested in acquaintance to me, write to me, and I shall answer.
    Mine e-mail kiiselena@yahoo.com
    Yours faithfully Elena

  13. The Doctor

    The Doctor Administrator Staff Member

    From 12345elena12345elena@gmail.com
    Return-Path: <adamo80@aliceposta.it>
    Received: from (EHLO smtp203.alice.it) (
    From: 12345elena12345elena@gmail.com
    Subject: Hi
    Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2016

    Hello. My name is Elena, my age is 26 years .I live in Russia. I want to get acquainted with a man for serious relationship. I was in a dating agency and they gave me your e-mail. I want to know if you have the desire to continue communication with me? I'm sending you my photo. I’m looking forward to your reply.
  14. Sphinx

    Sphinx Administrator Staff Member

    From:, [​IMG] Italy, Colonna, Vodafone Omnitel B.v.
    From "Elena"
    Return-Path: <lovepitbulls97@hotmail.com>
    Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016
    Reply-To: "Elena" <lovepitbulls97@hotmail.com>
    From: "Elena" <lovepitbulls97@hotmail.com>
    Subject: Hello

    How is your mood?
    Hope, you have a good mood! I am fine, because I can writefirst message to you! Ok, you can call me Elena, I am 32 years old, but I don't meet prince in real life. And what about you? My friends thinking about me, that I am cheerful woman. I have many friends in my life, but they are only friends. I have many interests. We can speaking about us and more, if you will write me. Please reply soon! I will be wait news from you. Your new friend.

  15. Received: from mail-qk0-f171.google.com ([])
    From: Elena <byrannvanbuskirk3406134@aol.com>
    Reply-to: Elena <elena_crutie@aol.com>
    Subject: hi

    Hey my friend. My name - Elena. I live in the city of Sochi, in this city in 2014 were the Winter Olympics. Have you heard about this city? I am writing to you not to talk about their city, but just wanted to start a dialogue with you. My girlfriend Irina told me to ask the administrator to Internet cafes to help me find the man from another country to create sereznyh relations. Yesterday they gave me your address and I am writing to you on it. I really hope that you will not mind to know each other. I think we even ever be able to arrange a meeting on Skype. I am 30 years old, I do not have children. Married never was. Please, I want to ask you to respond to my personal e-mail, since I am writing to you now from the office computer elena_crutie@aol.com, I will wait for an answer.
    I will wait for a response from you. Your friend Elena
  16. Naruto

    Naruto Administrator Staff Member

    A new Elena: http://antifraudintl.org/threads/elena.94973/#post-333893

    Return-Path: <kajal.raj@nkaps.com>
    Received: from (EHLO p3nlsmtpcp01-01.prod.phx3.secureserver.net) (
    Reply-To: "umnica" <sweethoneeye@gmail.com>
    From: "umnica" <kajal.raj@nkaps.com>
    Subject: Beautiful pictures thank you!
    Date: Thu, 11 Jan 2018

    Hii. Nice to meet you. You can call me Elena. How are you?
    I would like to chat with you. I very like you and I interested you better.
    Because I think you nice man. I send you now my image.
    Tell me about yourself. How old are you ? Where do you live now?
    So I search only free, serious and adequate person.
    I hope you too search only serious relationships.
    I will wait for your email.
  17. Quark

    Quark Moderator Staff Member

    From:, [​IMG] Netherlands, Rotterdam, As57172 Network
    Return-Path: <sweethoneeye@gmail.com>
    Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2018
    From: Elena <sweethoneeye@gmail.com>
    Reply-To: Elena <sweethoneeye@gmail.com>
    Subject: I`m looking for someone honest, caring, and hard-working!

    Hii again,

    You look amazing and I am sure you are a wonderful man. ;-)
    I need to tell you more about myself so we`ll start learning more about each other. I was born in October, 17th 1989. I`m 28 years old, 5.5 tall (168 sm), and about 120 pounds. My hair is - light brown.. My eyes` colour is - are a blue.. I don't smoke and I reject drugs. I don`t accept alcohol.

    But I prefer white sparkling wine. My favourite color is green. I visit church, not so often but i believe in God and I am Christian. I`m a very devoted person who does not cheat or play games in life. I have a large heart ready for love.

    I don`t want to divorce and that is why I want my marriage will be for a lifetime and I will be faithful to my partner.

    I`am a very family orientated and I would like to create a family with the right person. Will it be you? Time will show us.

    I didn`t tell you about the place I have met you. I have asked the Administrator in the Internet cafe to help me to create an letter box for me, And to show a dating site where i would be able to get acquainted with my right person. Soon I have got a letter from dating site.

    It was your letter.

    Administrator service sent me a email that you can be my mutual partner in all parametres.

    We have common interests, hopes and dreams. I believe in such matches. And that`s why I decided to reply your email.

    I think you are not against of it. Did I do everything good?
    I have met you not so long ago.

    I decided to remove my profile from all dating sites and I have already done it.

    And now i can`t tell you where exactly I have met you.

    But you may write me just here.

    So, tell me more of yourself. And don`t forget to send your photos.

    What religion are you in? When is your birthday?

    Tell me please what do you think about my eyes color? ;-)))

    In my next letter, I will tell you about the place i live in.

    With Warmest regards Elena.

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