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    From:, [​IMG] USA, Winthrop, Slic Network Solutions Inc
    Return-Path: maria@schulte-coerne.de
    From: Me maria@schulte-coerne.de
    Reply-To: Me Svetlafortuna@bigmir.net
    Subject: How are you
    Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2016

    Spring is the season of plans and projects! Who can resist the feelings of aspirations and joy, that one gets from taking part in nature?s rebirth? And in the spring, love is carried on the breeze.. Just catch the spring ambience. Beautiful, genuine, kind, 34 years old canadian lady Elena with family values leads modest life, and yet without love.. She lacks a company of a kind man. Get your chance, if you are truly searching for gorgeous, attentive, and smart mate, to share life`s ups and downs with! Just answer and hopefully this spring will bring luck for both of you!
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    From:, [​IMG] Russia, Moscow, SERVERS-COM-MOW1
    Return-Path: Katlyn.Anderson@cuw.edu
    Message-ID: 7882C90976A28C6FB3B6FF41955BCFDD@cuw.edu
    Reply-To: Elena Elena.zaikonnik@mail.com
    From: Elena katlyn.anderson@cuw.edu
    Subject: Hello! I am a single woman. I`m looking for a good man for friendship or relationship.
    Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2017

    Evening, Wish you have a nice day!
    You are must amazed to find my mail for you!
    I`am found your mail address in the newsletter from the dating service.
    My name Elena. I`m single lady! I`m 30 years old. Iam looking for serious relationships.
    This is a very interest way to start dating and as Iam know, very successful!
    I have a lot hobby like music, active rest on outdoors and a lot other.
    I`will tell you detailed if you will ask.
    Reply me back only at my e-mail box: Elena.zaikonnik@mail.com
    Ill await quick... Have a good day! Elena!!!

    Elena uzl j.jpg
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    From:, [​IMG] Russia, Moscow, United Network Llc
    Return-Path: <bjwalsh@utas.edu.au>
    Reply-To: Elena <Elena.zaikonnik@mail.com>
    From: Elena <bjwalsh@utas.edu.au>
    Subject: Good morning. Nice to meet you!
    Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2017
    Return-Path: bjwalsh@utas.edu.au

    Good day, Wish you good day!
    You're probably surprised to see my email for you!
    Im taken your contact address in the letter from the dating site.
    I'm - Elena! I'm unmarried woman! I am 30 years! I want to find serious relationships.
    This is a very intrested way for starting acquaintance and as Iam know, very nice.
    Im have different hobby like music, going at nature and a lot other.
    I'will tell you more if you will ask!
    Email to me back at my personal-email: Elena.zaikonnik@mail.com<mailto: Elena.zaikonnik@mail.com>
    Im'will waiting soon.. See you soon. Elena!

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