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    From:, [​IMG] Benin, Cotonou, Jeny SAS
    Return-Path: <lorenzo.basso.ricci@alice.it>
    Message-ID: <16369dd3c15.lorenzo.basso.ricci@alice.it>
    Date: Wed, 16 May 2018
    From: EMMANUEL EZIAMAKA <lorenzo.basso.ricci@alice.it>
    Reply-To: www.boa@informaticos.com
    Subject: Contact Bank of Africa For Wire Transfer of Your Fund

    ATTN Dear Beneficiary,

    This is to inform you that your fund worth the sum of $3.5Million us dollars has been deposited with Bank of Africa Benin(BOA) to transfer the funds direct to your bank account as you requested.

    You are required to contact the bank right now through their contact information listed below to enable them speed the transfer without any further delay.

    Avenue Jean-Paul II-Cotonou Benin
    Contact Person: Mr.Nelson Udo
    Tel: +
    E-mail: www.boa@informaticos.com

    Please, hurry up and contact the bank today through their above email address so that they will proceed on the transfer.

    Waiting to hear from you today as soon as you contact the bank.

    Mr. Emmanuel Eziamaka

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