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    From:"Used Rails Metal Scrap"<>
    Date:Sat, 10 Dec 2016

    Dear Sir or Madam,
    How are you, my mail might come as a surprise to you, but this is just a business proposal.
    I do not know whether this is your area of business or investment but we are looking for partners/investors to proceed in scrap metal business which I am sure if given due consideration will benefit both of us in the long run
    We have in our possession 500,000mt of Used rails Scrap in stock since 2012, we have as a company collectively tried to sale these rails since from 2012 even with the assistance with some sister companies but all to no avail because we lacked some relevant documents which was difficult to acquire due to government policies in our Country to scrap metal export.
    Finally, the good news is that the documents such as the (i)EXPORT PERMIT / LICENCE (ii) TAX CLEARANCE (iii) PROOF OF PRODUCT (TITLE DEED) are all in place now to export the rails to any buyer across the world that I will forward to you including the video of the scrap metal rails once You Show concern in this proposal.
    Your commission will be $20 per metric ton in every deal we close together as our exclusive seller mandate weather the buyer comes from you or from us
    If you did not see my email reasonable to respond, then you might as well disregard it.
    I will humbly appreciate your positive response
    My regards,
    Robert Sila (Engnr)
    South Africa.
    Tel: +27638217605
    Skype: robertsilapro

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