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    are here:

    Laws and court cases can be found in German at

    Acces to French law (in French) is at:

    The Penal code is available here in English:

    Some German sources are available through a government website:

    Irish laws can be accessed from the BAIL II website at

    In general, Dutch laws are found at (in Dutch)
    Is here in Dutch. It's a database that allows you to search by section. It doesn't not have the full text: continuation=26381-002/session=358881678174673/action=javascript- result/javascript=yes
    Still looking for an English version.
    Several Articles of Book II, Title XII (Forgery of Documents) and Book II, Title XXV (Deception) would apply to scam crimes.
    As I read it it, conspiracy is not always an element in Ducth crimes, but it is part of the "participation" element in crimes.

    The Russian government has a Russian language website at with all laws. Laws are also available in Russian at

    The Swedish government website is at
    The Parliament website and laws are available at
    Swedish courts are at

    The Swiss Federal Authorities webpage is at There's a link on the right for French, German, Italian, Rumantsch but it should open in English.

    United Kingdom
    U.K. laws are available from the official website of the Office of Public Sector Information at
    The Scottish Parliament website is at
    The Welsh Assembly is available in Welsh and English at
    The Northern Ireland Assembly is at

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