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Subject: Contact Mr. Philip Swanson to pick up your $5000

Release/Transfer Notice for your payment of $3,000,000.00 Million USD.

This message is intended for you only and contains privileged and confidential information. I discovered with dismay that your payment have been unnecessarily delayed. Fortunately, you are shortlisted as one of the qualified persons for this compensation payment. This is to inform you that our analysis has assisted us in ascertaining your name and email address as one of the fifty three outstanding beneficiaries who will commence receipt of their payment immediately.In order to avoid the previous occurrence of delaying your payment, I have used my office to conclude arrangement on how to affect your payment through western union by installment of $5000.00 twice daily until the total sum of $3,000,000.00 Million USD approved in your favor is completely transferred to you accordingly. All matters relating to the immediate release of the fund to you, we have regularized it. To file for your claim, endeavor to contact Mr. Philip Swanson because he have the cheque to sign your name as the authentic beneficiary and he is aware I intend instructing you to contact him so you can start receiving your payment today. I instructed him to send the $3,000,000.00 Million to you.According to Mr. Philip Swanson four out of five remaining beneficiaries in your country have received their payment successfully except you. Majority of the beneficiaries chooses to receive their own payment through the means of sending them an ATM card in which they used in making withdrawals in any part of the world while few others prefer their payment to be sent to them through bank wire transfer.I am leaving the country tomorrow due to an official assignment in Japan. I have been transferred to Japan and cannot come back here anymore. So this will be your last opportunity to receive this payment or else you will completely lose the fund, now that I am no longer working in this country.So you need to send

Full name
Mobile no.

to Mr. Philip Swanson via his email then he will call you back to give you the MTCN under 35 minutes you confirm the listed details to him.Also, be informed that Mr. Philip Swanson is waiting to hear from you so send him the above details to his following email address in order to enable him send you the first $5000 today and you will pick it up immediately and wait for the second $5000 which will be ready in the next 10 minutes.Mr. Philip Swanson痴 email address :
+229 99 386 111

Evelyn Clinton