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    日本人狙いと思われるFacebook Scammerのプロフィールをこちらにもシェアさせてください。
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    Ambrus Chan
    ●Strong Relationshipを求めている。
    ●I amの代わりにamを使う。okを使う。

    Thank you so much for accepting my request.how are you today?. you look beautiful to my likeness. am very interested to know about you.am seeking for strong relationship from you that will go deep and deeper and lead us to something very good.i so much love the way you are and your beauty.i will really want a relationship that will be built with a very unique and very special love and care.please i will like you to tell me everything about your self,your age,your country,your family,your work,are you single or married,your hobby and any other thing you will like to tell me about your self ok and feel free to ask me anything you will like to know about me and i will try my best to answer you very well cos i love equal relationship.please am waiting for your reply.thanks and take very good care of your self.cheers.

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    Raul Cecilio Toledo Avellaneda、自称米国軍人。この人物はGoogle翻訳使って日本語で書いてきます。涙ぐましい努力を称賛したいと思われる方もおられるかもしれませんね。



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