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Discussion in 'Alerts!' started by Dick H Box, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. Dick H Box

    Dick H Box Samurai

    I just found this article at:

  2. Dick H Box

    Dick H Box Samurai

    Firefox Memory Corruption Vulnerability

    Firefox Memory Corruption Vulnerability

    Go here for more details.

    Mozilla will be making a patch for this, so keep an eye on the updates.
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  3. Dick H Box

    Dick H Box Samurai

    Workaround for the Firefox 3.5 memory vulnerability...

    I always run NoScript, & have been monitoring it very closely in light of this warning, & have restricted it even more than I normally do.
    Good luck.

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  4. Ivana

    Ivana Member

    I'm running Mozilla FF 3.0, is this part of the warning?

    How do I go about removing the unwanted registry entries and software? Or should I just wait for the "fix" to come out? I know those come fairly fast once the problem is identified.

    Friggin windows
  5. Dick H Box

    Dick H Box Samurai

    Sorry, I should have highlighted it.

    Thanks, Ivana.
    Sorry if I confused anyone. It's only Firefox 3.5 that's affected, AFIK.

    The updates are controlled from Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Updates tab. I have them all set to install without bothering me, unless there's a problem. (Some earlier versions of Firefox have them under the Tools menu, I think.)

    You should run NoScript anyway. It's one of the best security features going.
    Go to the Mozilla add-ons page, search for NoScript, & download it.
    (I have reverted to Firefox 3.0. until Mozilla get it sorted:))
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  6. De Master Yoda

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    A new web page, claiming to be update for the latest version of Mozilla Firefox (57.0) has been reported to harass online users. Once the scam pop-ups in the browser it asks targets to authenticate themselves by typing a username and a password. The scam may obtain the entered login details. Even though, the pop-up provides a CANCEL button, a click on it triggers another notification window that urges users to add suspicious browser add-on to Firefox. More details that will help you to recognize “Firefox requires a manual update” scam message find here >
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