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    From:, [​IMG] Iran, Shiraz, Pjsc Fars Telecommunication Company
    Return-Path: fliaramello@cablenettv.com.ar
    Subject: Hello! how`s that?
    From: Flower fliaramello@cablenettv.com.ar
    Message-Id: 339D5678-EA72-1336-D8AB-C32F3BB5EC8B@cablenettv.com.ar
    Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2016
    Reply-To: Flower flower4@grpost.org

    Hello there) Where do you live in? I`am very goodygoody person and presently looking reliable Man If You are concerned ;) response me, I`ll send You my photo attach :) have a good day
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    Return-Path: <juliana.franciscato@teUNDISCLOSEDa.com.br>
    Return-Path: <juliana.franciscato@teUNDISCLOSEDa.com.br>
    Received: from [] ([] heloif10-mail-fb10-mia.mta.teUNDISCLOSEDa.com)
    Subject: Hey, how so?
    From: Flower <juliana.franciscato@teUNDISCLOSEDa.com.br>
    Message-Id: <594829C4-588A-59AB-7C89-FEB859245D1B@teUNDISCLOSEDa.com.br>
    Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2016
    Reply-To: Flower <flower8@grpost.org>

    Hello there,

    Where do you live in? I'm very smashing female and at present trying to find safe Man If You want to date me;) reply me) I'll send You my picture attach :) thank you

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