Fourth Annual Most Aesthetically Challenged Contest

4th Annual Most Aesthetically Challenged Contest

  • Biodun Bello

    Votes: 25 39.7%
  • Foncha Michael Foleng

    Votes: 20 31.7%
  • Ndazeh Valery Nchiakeh

    Votes: 19 30.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
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Okay everyone, this kind of got lost in the move. So the nominations are open again for the Most Aesthetically Challenged Contest.


Staff member
I will second that.

Even though it's against the rules it would be nice to nominate Daniel Berner again. He doesn't think rules apply to him anyway.


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If you nominate Danny boy again he's going to join AFI like 10 times a day and post more garbage.

Gentle Giant

Giant Admin for a Day
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We've never had such a close contest before. Of course we had to change the format last year since Daniel Berner tried to throw the vote but still...look at that, only 4 votes between second place and a tie for first.

De Master Yoda

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AHH Biodun Bello sneaks into the lead. com on folks VOTE!

Will Biodun Bello now become the winner, is he really the Most Aesthetically Challenged?
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