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Not to be confused with Frank Ashley at Western Union in Benin!

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Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2015
Subject: Greetings from Western Union(R)Money Transfer Agent Location,
From: "Mr. Frank Ashley" <>

Greetings from Western Union®Money Transfer Agent Location,
PO Box 6992 Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6992,LAGOS NIGERIA.

We are in receipt of your fund ($950.000.00 USD) (NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS) deposited here by The International monetary fund (IMF) to be transferred to you.For security reasons and to safe guard of your fund,It might interest you to know that we have taken out time in screening through this project as stipulated on our protocol of operation and have finally confirmed that your contract payment is 100% genuine and hitch free from all facet and of which you have the lawful right to claim your fund without any further delay.

Having said all this, it’s my great pleasure to inform you that the first sum of $4,500.00 has being sent in your address today.

Below are the details of the transaction;our website for tracking your MTCN.

Money Transfer Control Number: 1513604581
Sender’s name ; LAURA FRY
Sender’s Address: PO Box 6992 Greenwood Village, CO 80155-6992, Lagos
Country: Nigeria Republic
Amount Transferred: US$4,500
Text Question: BLUE?
Answer: RED

Please note that the above transaction has not been authorized to pick up, the reason why you cannot pick up the USD$4,500.00 right now is because the service fee has not been send to us which is the only fee that is on holding your first pay-out today, on which without the service fee your fund cannot be authorized to pick up, so in your best interest, I hereby advised you to send the services fee so that we will mail you the Sender’s Name and AUTHORIZED the pick up of your first pay-out today, you can be able to pick up your payment at any western union agent location in your state. Get Out of Debt Free Hotline 855-314-2095

Service fee covers the cost of services rendered when administering &maintaining a third-party transaction to a beneficiary that is not living within the country which the fund is being deposited, service fee is usually one percent (1%) of the deposited fund and it is under normal conditions to paid by the beneficiary of a third-party transaction.

The applicable registration and transfer fees have been paid by the depositor.The reason why the service fee cannot be deducted from your fund is because your fund has been insured by the depositor, this is in accordance with section 13(1)(n) of the national monetary act as adopted in 1999 and amended on 3rd July 2004 by the constitutional assembly. This is to protect beneficiary and to avoid misappropriation of funds. So you have to send the service fee of $ $85 to the payment information stated below to enable us authorize your fund to pick up.

Receiver’s Name: ANUMUDU CHUKS
Country: Nigeria.
City: Lagos
Text question: IN GOD?
Answer: WE TRUST
Amount: $85

*The service fee should be sent to us today, failure to meet up with this will lead to automatic transaction cancellation. Send the following details via e-mail to this office for prompt clearance:

Sender’s name:…………………..
Sender’s Address:…………………..
Money Transfer Control Number (M.T.C.N):…………………………..
If you have questions or need assistance, our team is here to help. You can still, send us an email:

Best Regards,
Mr. Frank Ashley
Western Union Home
reply-to: MR FRANK ASHLEY <>
date: Mon, Sep 18, 2017
subject: SEND ONLY $35 AND PICK UP YOUR $6,000( TEXT ME MTCN OF $35 ON +1310 626 0643


Welcome to Western Union American Mobile Phone :+1310 626 0643
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Send Money
Welcome to Western Union
Remittance Office
Call +1310 626 0643
Address: 126 Addington Road
Croydon Cr2 BP 325- Cotonou-

Dear Valued Customer,

It is my pleasure to inform you about the latest development concerning your unclaimed fund on behalf of the management western union transfer The funds which was suppose to be released to you by the former remittance department manager who was terminated from office due to the bad reputation he had with most of our foreign customers. Hence this is the great opportunity for you to receive your fund and you have to comply accordingly to enable us obtain the Transfer Permit Clearance and start transferring your payment today and note you will be receiving US$5,000.00 on a daily basis until your total sum of US$5.600,000.00 is completed transferred in your favor.

For your information do not expect the releasing of your payment without sending the money required and remember that you are given only 24 hours to comply or your transfer will be cancel immediately since you are told to send $35 in order to help you. below is our account officer name which you will use to send the $35 to enable us release your first payment immediately in other words this management is now requesting that you will pay the sum of US$35 only to start receiving your payment. Send the fee through Western Union, Money gram Or Ria Agent with the information below:

Receiver Name: ===== NICO ARON
Country: ====== BENIN REPUBLIC
CITY:::::::::::::::::::::::::; COTONOU
Text Question: ==== Good?
Answer: ======= News
Amount: ======= US35

Note you are required to pay US$35 only to enable us secure your Transfer Permit Clearance and we will start your payment immediately. This offer valid for Today***24 Hours*** from today 18TH September therefore treat as urgent as possible to wire the fee today so that you will start receiving your fund. We are wishing you the very best of luck.

Yours sincerely
Call us with: +1310 626 0643 Western Union® founded 1851 has been operating for over 151 years, Today with over 589,000 Agent locations worldwide in over 200 countries and territories, millions of people trust Western Union to send and receive money worldwide.
From:, Japan, Nagoya, NTT
Date: Thu, 5 Jul 2018 19:41:17 +0900 (JST)
From: "Mr.Frank P.Ashley," <>
Reply-To: "Mr.Frank P.Ashley," <>
Subject: Attn: Western Union Beneficiary,

Attn: Western Union Beneficiary,

Your fund of $1,500,000.00 has been released and the transfer began today through western union money transfer. So, contact Western Union Agent Mr Hill McMahon,and ask him what you need to do you to enable them activate your account file so that you will be able to pick your transfer. Your will receive $3,500 per day until total fund is fully transferred.

Contact Agent: Mr Hill McMahon
Your Receiver name- -------------
Your Country-- ------------------
Your City----
Your Tell-----------------------

Forward the information here ( )

Mr.Frank P.Ashley,