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    General Joseph F Dunford is a popular choice for scammers after money. Needless to say he is married, and has NO Facebook personal profile and is not looking for sundry women from all over the world to get married. He is not planning on retiring and sending YOU parcels using a Diplomat (they only work for Governments and not as private couriers), or any Courier. If you get such information it is a scam. Of course the usual advice not to send money for any reason still applies. FAKE PAGE
    Receiver Name Marcel Morris
    Country UK
    Address 20b White House Lane London
    Text Question Color
    Text Answer Red

    Certain countries such as the UK do not use Text questions or Answers to verify ID. You have to provide a passport/ Utility bill for identity. The scammers version above shows he is is some other country like Africa or Malaysia. Why would a General need your money when he is highly paid? Once a scammer has the MTCN he is able to collect the money anywhere. In Malaysia they often use prostitutes to collect money. Be aware that using money transfer services is like leaving money on a street corner and it will not be there later.
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    @ Sophia, do you have a question?
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    Maybe he wants to divorce and he forgot to tell you /world (too many scams with this one only person to not exist a piece of truth, -and there are many unsundry women in this world...)
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    This guy is "collecting" unstreitig women on Google Plus. He's gotten smarter by going by Joseph D. Dunford, and trying to hide his name on his military uniform (which my photo editing was able to clear is up) He's already collected the names of over 2,000 women and some have accepted his invitation. Tonight he tried to add a good friend of mine, and I want to see this scumbag caught, exposed, and prosecuted. How can we stop him?
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    Myself and a few other woman are receiving text s and email. From Gen Joseph. Dunford.
    How do we stop this scammer
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    Can you block his email account?
  8. How do we stop this scammer
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    Stop responding to him and report on whatever platform he contacts you with.
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