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Discussion in 'Romance scams' started by Eric the red, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Eric the red

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    I have recently been separated from my wife and pending divorce i have been checking out the waters on internet dating site. It is not good, I figure myself to be a good looking guy and I was approached on myspace zoosk dating site and met what i think is a woman that claims to want a husband to be with, well she tells me that with all of the dues and paper work with all the passport, and other med, police report, plain ticket, etc.. would cost about 4,500 dollars roughly to get her here. I got suspicious and started investigation and found out about 419 scams that i remember being approached on several occasions by a number of other ladies on line with the same story with the same wordings and phraseology, I knew something wasn't right, so i have now on the hook or should i say i am on her or his hook to see how far I can drag them through the crap! oh honey i will have 300 or so by tomorrow, and then the next day didoes, and when she or he call's me it sounds like a man doing an impersonation of a woman, like Monty Python satire skit, so i have been playing along and i must say they are very good and convincing. i have received photos from this person over the internet, about 3 sets of pics with 2-5 pics in each set i need to know how to find out if this lady is the woman in the pics or is it a hacked batch of photos, being used by the scammers, i don't want to jump the gun, but i am most sure that all is not well in Ghana. My question is how do i match up photos to hacked sites and find the real persons name to match the photos? this is a piece of the puzzle to verify, also she says that they do not have mail boxes, how can i verify if that's true or false? Also if she is who she says she is, I am a lucky man, because she is an amazing woman, and young in her mid 20's as far as the pictures go. I am willing to search for my self to verify these items of interest, but like i said i don't want to wreck a good thing! most likely a scam, I need some pointers.
    Thanks to everybody, Eric the red.
  2. De Master Yoda

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    @Eric the red. Welcome to AFI. I have removed your personal details as many scammers and spammers surf the internet looking for email addy's etc so they can sell them to others to hassle you with.

    If you could post a copy of the emails after taking out your personal details it would help us to check.

    There are a few pointers as to whether it is a scam, the first one is if they ask you for money for ANY reason.

    Another one is to ask why a very attractive woman is so hard up finding a man?
    Many scammers will send you photo's stolen off the internet.
    Lets face reality, most people are of average looks and are NOT film star beauties who seem to have trouble finding men to date?

    Many of these so called stunning ladies are in fact males sat behind a pc sending out thousands of emails to scam with.

    Another very good indicator that it is a scam is the location, Ghana is one of them. So far from what you have said it is a scam designed to get you to send money for a variety of reasons like air fare, Visa fee's or a multitude of other excuses all with the same end result: to steal money from you.
  3. Ben

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    Take the photos to exif data and see if there is any exif data
    Tin Eye is another program we use
    < strange direction but what you may well find is that the pics are screenshots meaning stolen photos no exif data and are not searchable
    so basically forget going into this mildly tech stuff .

    There are very few white women in Ghana who would have problems like you mention and I would say 99.9% scammer if the woman is white
    just keep mailing and send us a sample of their first letters.
  4. air_labrat

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    This sounds totally like a scam. Red flags all over the place.

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