Ghana marriage scam

Discussion in 'Romance scams' started by lonewolf67672001, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. lonewolf67672001

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    I somehow met a christian lady on a internet dating site, asked me to join her on yahoo messinger where wehave been chatting. Sent many pictures of "HER?" to me, whoever it is is very beautiful. She wants to get married immediatley, says she is Christian, needs about $400 dollars for Visa and Passport, not to mention airfare, wantsin sent by western union. She is 20 years younger at least the pictures look like it, SCAM or TRUE LOVE?
    Scam for sure.?
  2. Central Scrutinizer

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    Got some emails or pictures?
  3. mysteryquest

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    Oh its a scam! A beautiful young woman who needs to be on yahoo messenger to meet somebody? Is asking for money? Let me guess, she wants you to send it via Western Union/Money Gram because she needs it in a hurry? Have you seen her on webcam? Spend $20.00 of the $400.00 to buy her a webcam and I bet you "he" won't get on it. Some plausible excuse will be provided.

    Have you spoken to this "woman" on the phone? Even if you have, scammers can find a female to talk on the phone. Additionally, they could possibly find a woman to pose on webcam though that would be more difficult. Think about the odds of a beautiful younger Christian woman needing to resort to the Internet to find somebody. A woman like that could simply walk down the street and accomplish the same thing. Additionally, she would have no problem with finances as there would me a multitude of fawning males willing to spend money on her, or even give to her. She obviously has no qualms about asking for money if she's asking you for it. On a logical plane, it simply makes no sense. Romance scammers count on their victims not thinking logically.
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    Ghana Dating Scam

    I know a 60+ year old man being scammed out of thousands of $$$. Scammer goes under the alias "Shieva Amoah" (and shieva12 is the most likely yahoo screename)... standard ploy (airline ticket, visa, passport,etc).
  5. LiliyCo

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    Maybe this is a scam. Scammers? They are rampant nowadays. Silly scammers sends bogus email or offers a pay day loan to gain personal data to their potential victims that's why proper knowledge on getting a loan is a wise combat from scammers. I really feel sick for their unlawful act to gain money to the extent of other people. Be cautious everyone! Scammers are everywhere.
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    And there's a lot of spammers too.
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