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Another piece of crap from Mekky Martins. If you look real carefully you'll see Mekky hasn't learned how to color inside the lines yet. :rolleyes: Erick Tetteh, SG-SSB Bank Ltd.

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Student ID Card
I got a mail with a student ID card. I don´t know if it is a fake because I have never seen a student ID card before. Can anyone tell me if it is true or false? Pat Prempeh Sarkodie

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Student ID Card

I sent a mail to Sunyani Polytechnic and got a replay by the rector, Prof. Kwasi Nsiah-Gyabaah. He told me that the Student ID Card is a fake. The name is Sunyani Polytechnic without "College", the P.O. Box is 206, not 209, the name Prempeh with "h" at the end is the male form.