Discussion in 'Passports' started by The Doctor, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. The Doctor

    The Doctor Administrator Staff Member

    This one is terrible!
    Scammer: John Malik

    Malik John.jpg

    (Sorry, only had the old Jaso one)
  2. Dororo

    Dororo Administrator Staff Member

    Oscar Kwame
    Scammer: Oscar Kwame

    Kwame Oscar.jpg
  3. Spanish Administrator

    Spanish Administrator THE Spanish Administrator Staff Member

    Edward Jones
    Scammer: Umunoke Aro
    Passport Name: Edward Jones

    Jones, Edward.jpg
  4. Poirot

    Poirot Member

    James Kwame
    Scammer: James Kwame's Passport

    Kwame James.jpg

    Kofi James David
    Scammer: Kofi James David - Ghana fake passport

    David Kofi James.jpg
  5. Dororo

    Dororo Administrator Staff Member

    Sandra P. Williams
    Passport name- Sandra P. Williams

    Williams Sandra.jpg
  6. Patrick1

    Patrick1 New Member

    Scammer: Rose Koffi / Rose Kofigh
    Rose Koffi

    Rose, Koffi.jpg
  7. Kat

    Kat Administrator Staff Member

    Vera Hinson, who I see is elsewhere. Kind of blonde for a Ghanaian I would think.

    Henson, Vera.jpg
  8. Nikolai

    Nikolai Ninja

    Felix Osei Ghanian bank branch manager scam

    Osei Felix.jpg
  9. Dororo

    Dororo Administrator Staff Member

    Fanadex Adduet

    Fanadex Adduet
    Passport says H 1291892
    Stamp out number is H 156.... its different. :)

    Fanadex Adduet.jpg
  10. Cold War Kid

    Cold War Kid Ninja

    Samuel Sewavi

    Samuel Sewavi

    Sewavi Samuel.jpg
  11. Sphinx

    Sphinx Administrator Staff Member

  12. Spanish Administrator

    Spanish Administrator THE Spanish Administrator Staff Member

    Monday Okoh, although he's another scammer who doesn't know what surname means so his passport actually says he is Okoh Monday.

    Monday Okoh.jpg
  13. Spidey

    Spidey Ninja

    Dr. Williams Annan

    Gotta be the worst of the year!

    Dr. Williams Annan, maybe Dr. William Annan or...

    Other names: Annan
    Surname: Dr. Williams :rolleyes:

  14. Cold War Kid

    Cold War Kid Ninja

    Robert Kojo

    Robert Kojo, runs some commodity scams.

    Kojo Robert.jpg
  15. Gentle Giant

    Gentle Giant Giant Admin for a Day Staff Member

    Sarah Mansah

    Another blond Ghanaian. From one of our members.

    Sarah Mansah, but using the regular amount of scammer cleverness, has managed to make the passport indicate that the first name is Mansah and the family name is Sarah. Oh yeah, and the photo is from an adult website.

  16. Merovingian

    Merovingian Ninja

  17. Merovingian

    Merovingian Ninja

  18. Cold War Kid

    Cold War Kid Ninja

    Malissa Mireku. But she's not blond. Can she really be from Ghana? :)

    Mireku Malissa.jpg
  19. omg, there´s not a single thing in this passport which would be correct :)
  20. Nanook

    Nanook Administrator Staff Member

    Malissa Mireku

    Hey look. Malissa Mireku is back with a US visa in her Ghana passport. And check it out, she has the same photo on her visa as on her passport. What a coincidence, eh?


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