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    Return-Path: <>
    From: "sales Manager"<>
    Subject: RE: Additional order// bank copy details attached
    Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2018

    Dear sirs,

    Please proceed with the following order.

    We are about to initiate payment to your company as approved by our agent in China. Kindly confirm bank form attached below is correct. Money will arrive to your account on Thursday 19th April, 2019 Asia time.

    Please see the attached file and confirm and do the needful .

    1. Type: SK9052.1-90LP/4 TF F RD
    Motor power 1,5 kW
    Output speed 1415/4,9 RPM
    Output torque 2923 Nm Reduction 289,61
    Service factor 1.6
    Mode of operation S1
    Insulation class F
    Enclosure IP 55
    Supply& 230/400 V, 50
    Rated current: (400 V) 3,23 A
    Efficiency class IE3
    Output shaft Diameter=70mm, length=140 mm
    Output shaft side& A
    Mounting position B3I/M4
    Terminal box position 1
    Cable entry I
    Terminal box position auxiliary; 1
    Cable entry auxiliary I
    Lubricant& Mineral oil ISO VG220, approx.&nbsp; 21,5 litres
    Paint coatings Paint specification 2
    Top coat RAL 7031 bluegrey dull
    Gear design Foot mounted, solid shaft ([-])
    Motor options F: F - Blower fan&nbsp; 1x230V
    RD - Rain hat
    TF: TF - Thermistor
    Premium efficiency motor
    Quantity: 1 piece.

    Best regards,
    Grigoris Providas
    Mangrinox S.A.
    14 GrevenonSt.-GR11855 Athens
    Tel.: 0030 210 3423201
    Fax.: 0030 210 3459928

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