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    Received: from owa.wiu.k12.pa.us (
    Resent-From: <rpechart@wiu.k12.pa.us>
    Subject: Read this letter
    Reply-To: <kjvyg@www.raskinconstruction.com>
    From: HackWu <kjvyg@www.raskinconstruction.com>
    Sent: Monday, December 4, 2017

    We represent a hacker group that focuses on hacking of crypto-currency wallets and exchanges. We know that you keep your coins on these exchanges. We got the database of users and passwords of the largest exchanges in our hands, but to get into the account we need to bypass two factor verification, collect private keys from your PCs, brute force mnemonic words. That will cost us some time. We give you the opportunity to exclude you from the base by reward us and we will remove you and we will not use your data.

    The amount we asking is 0.02Bitcoin

    Bitcoin Wallet to pay: 1492bBQhiSRgS7k25mUsaedTSjwHkaWQRh

    Believe me, it\'s better to pay us than are afraid that at any moment you can lose all of your funds.

    After payment send us a letter on joshuwufirst@gmail.com and we will exclude you from the database.

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