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    Return Path: uscisimmigrantnotification22@kclottery.com
    Date: Sat, 19 Sep 2015
    From: uscisimmigrantnotification22@kclottery.com
    To: xxxx
    Subject: The Greencard Winning Notice and Procedures

    U.S- Department of State
    National Visa Center
    Rochester Avenue. Portsmouth 35004

    Notification number: WAC20157554900XX

    The Department of State notifies you of being selected as a winner of the special immigrant visa for the fiscal year. We are sending the winning letters through the selected email addresses. You need to apply and obtain the U.S.immigrant visa. the visa will permit you to travel to the United- State and also permit you to receive a green card.

    Your visa type permits you to travel with your family members. your immigrant visa duration is 2 years multiple entry to the US. It is renewable upon expiration, the visa also gives you an opportunity to apply for and acquire a US citizenship green card while residing in the USA.

    Complete DS-230 forms for yourself and all accompanying family members regardless of age, which will be used to file your immigrant visa petition at the National Visa Center to process your visa and schedule your visa interview appointment at the U.S. Embassy nearest to you for the issuance of your visa..
    Download DS 230 form or click the application form here. DS-230: Immigrant Visa form Applicants are advise to continue using the DS-230 form till End summary. Please print or type your answers to all questions

    Other requirements:
    1. International Passport:
    Include- the photo-page of your international passport (Only the principal applicant). View sample here - International Passport

    2. Passport size photograph:
    Glue- one passport size-photograph-for each person-mentioned in the-application at the top left corner of form DS-230. View sample here--F passport photo
    Photo- instruction is- available here

    Your application fall within Asia Pacific Region and therefore will be processed at our Asia pacific official center.
    Address: Wichayanond Road Chiang Mai Thailand.
    Contact person: Mr. John Philippe

    Tel: +66 996 866 001

    How Can I Submit my application?
    Submit your application to them for processing at this-email: immigrantvisa.state.gov@america.hm

    Please read and follow all the enclosed instructions carefully.

    Sincerely yours,
    Hamilton Houston
    Senior Director

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