hammedstore - hammedstore@hotmail.com - scammer in Qatar

Discussion in 'Electronics and Phone Scams' started by Garreg Ddu, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Garreg Ddu

    Garreg Ddu Gweinyddwr Staff Member

    Yet another scam found because the criminal idiot registered here to try to post his garbage!

    The username is hammedstore, registered with email address hammedstore@hotmail.com, from IP Address:

    Typical of this scammer's spamming posts is the following, extracted from a post it tried to make here:

    Yes, the spam really is that badly written, repetative and un-grammatical.

    So, hammedstore, you get the message? You register here and your scam gets exposed and you become famous as an internet criminal.

    Once again, you are warned THIS IS A SCAM. You will be asked to pay by MoneyGram or Western Union and YOU WILL BE ROBBED.

    This is a total fake dreamt up by a criminal with the object of stealing your money. No cameras or other electronics will ever be delivered.

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