Happy holidays

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At this festive time of the year, to our members from many lands who have made all this possible, I would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU and as a tribute to their outstanding work, I have put together a list linking to a very special song in ALL the eight languages that we operate with.

We have members from many different faiths, but we are all united in our desire to help stamp out the injustice of scammers and to assist the innocent victims!

Please, join in the festive spirit and may your God walk gently by your side.




French,(Douce nuit):





While it is true that we sometimes receive thanks, the vast majority of people saved do not even know that they have been saved form major problems, by unknown but caring people who give of their own time freely to aid others.
I received an email from an online advertising site today, telling me they had taken down the four fake $1,400.00 parrot listings that had been placed on their site. I wonder if they really knew they might have saved a lot of people a lot of grief when they did that. Probably not, and the victims that won't be, will never know either.

It's odd that I was having similar thoughts today. I was wondering who was out there looking after me in a similar way and began to think, I will never know, none of us ever know who saved us from what.

I wonder if some police man stopped and arrested a drunk driver minutes before he might have smashed into my son's car and tore our lives apart. I wonder if I hadn't taken up this hobby, would I have become a victim of some fraud myself. I wonder how many viral websites were killed before the little old lady next door got online looking for arthritis medications and I think, lots of them. I think about how many people are as you say spared the grief by the work of folks here and at TSB and it also makes me proud to be associated with all of them.
Christmas is gone and waiting for our new year celebration.

We have a small but tight group of friends who traditionally gather to celebrate this with good food and the highlight
of massive fireworks show. This one is from 2008-2009 but sadly we lost our main video camera. It was very cold
night about -25C and battery got frozen. Only my cellphone in my pocket a Nokia N93 was able to film that - sorry.
As fireworks sold to public are little tubes in a stick professionals use launch tubes firmly in ground. They just launch
the active part in sky leaving no waste cardboard to fall they and are so much accurate and precise to work with.

In here (its hard to see I know) we use 38kg of gunpowder in couple minutes. Phone just cant catch all that glory
without wide object and the colours are wasted. Had to pan all over to get the action and that causes to lose the
effect. Sure hope that 2011-2012 we have the proper equipment to record the whole glory of this display.
We have one Canon VC, Sony VC and my Nikon SLR with 18mm lens to capture full HD 1920x1080 video.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXRxTH5tbLE&context=C3c3fe52ADOEgsToPDskJrJvelVGLX7EkUYr93SrRM"]2009.wmv - YouTube[/ame]

Anyway have a happy new year!