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Date: Wed, 16 May 2018
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Subject: Greetings to you. Are you Dead or Alive?

Dear Beneficiary,

Bequest, Greetings to you from London. Are you still Alive?. Is this contact still valid? If so get back to me as soon as possible. Do you send Mrs. Joy L. Whiteman to received your fund transfer as your next of kin? Your total is sum $25,500.000 United State Dollars.

As soon as I receive your response, further details will be furnished to you.
You should Contact: .. Ceo. Mr. David Gates,
From The Payment Office Director Of Foreign Remittance Department.
Email Address:... dgates17@yahoo.com

Please Kindly Reconfirm Your Information Again.
Your Address____
Your Age______
Your City_______
Your State_____
Your Country_____
Your Home phone_______
Your cell phone_______
Your occupation____
Your passport id____
Your Next Kin______

NOTE: If you receive this message in your Junk Or Spam its due to your internet provider. I shall be expecting your swift response as soon as you receive this email.

Remain Blessed.
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