Help me, please! Bird breeder scam?

Discussion in 'Animal Scams' started by Lucas, Dec 8, 2017.

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  1. Lucas

    Lucas Guest

    So first of all, I have n't sent any money yet.
    This guy told me that he is a professional exotic bird breeder from Victoria, Cameroon.
    He has a good facebook-profile and web sites. I have already googled for the Phone number and name, but nothing is popping up.
    So is this real or fake?
    He sent me some documents about his ID and lisence too.

    Does anyone know guy named Smith, Nitah Esibe? And his Facebook : exotic birds and eggs for sale.
    Lots of people likes his Page and found some info about when people has got their birds..

    Please guys help me!

    I live in Finland and he promised shipping for my doorsteps.
  2. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    @Lucas welcome to AFI. Cameroon is known for pet (bird) scammers. I think you would be wise to check out the requirements to import exotic birds into Finland.

    I think you will find the documents he sent are forged. Can you supply his website and Facebook details ?
  3. Lucas

    Lucas Guest

    All the details is under that facebook-profile: exotic birds and eggs for sale.
  4. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    Cameroon + bird = scam. Every single time.
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