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Dear all,

we also had a very bad experience , three years ago.
Our company is a travel agency, we got a request for service for 150 people, which would stay 7 days in our country and they needed complete service :D ....It was a good business opportunity for us ....
In short : we really did our best and sent them an offer...they accepted , the time of the planned arrival of the group was fast , we worked on a contract and paying a deposit....everything OK, but....they asked our director come to China, because- under on Chinese law the contract must be signed in China (face to face ) .We accepted, because we did not doubt, we did not see their motive and the way to do something bad....So, we organized flights, accommodation, documents, everything needed for the business trip in China....these people , scammers were at the address , our director had a meeting with them, contract signed...the director returned home and we waited the deposit for service for group but- the Chinese suddenly asked us to pay part of the costs of the contract -notaries , 1.000 EURO....OK, we paid ....and there was the end...we lost contact with them, never answered us again....So, they cheat companies for a value of 1.000 EURO! Plus all our travel costs! (that money they did not take but it goes to the sum of our loss)...We really tried to inform the police in China, the ministries and all those responsible but....We were tried about prevent these people from doing scams again ....
Now, we get similar e-mails again ( a few copies below) .....We are not going to China, you know that :D :D Take care, be careful , do not respond never to similar e-mails !!!

These are the new attempts to get rid of this email:henan87travel@hnts-tourism.com> :

2. from this e-mail :chenhzgs2@vip.163.com

Dear sir / Madam

In order to celebrate the fifteenth anniversary of the establishment of the company, we plan to send some staff and a group of senior officials who have made great contributions to the company to your country for business trip. Please arrange the itinerary for us. Visit your homeland, cities and mountains, caves, seas, mountain climbing, hiking, etc.

Our company's schedule is as follows:

The first 66 employees expect them to start business travel in your country in November 2, 2017 and need 33 double rooms for three star hotels. The whole trip will take 10 days.

The second group of 45 senior officials hope that they will start business travel in your country in November 13, 2017. They need four star hotels, 18 double rooms and 9 single rooms. The whole trip takes 15 days, including 2-3 days of outdoor activities

We hope you can arrange travel plans, routes and tourist attractions, accommodation, diet and so on according to our requirements

Looking forward to your travel schedule and quotation
CEO: Haidong
+ 86-871-6519 1516

Hongkong Guotai Group Foreign Economic Cooperation Co., Ltd.

De Master Yoda

Staff member
@Pop Thank you for your post warning others about this type of scam. One thing that may help is if you sent a report to the Chinese embassy in your area.

While any government likes money coming into their country they do not want their countries reputation to suffer. If the embassy receives enough complaints they will probably act to defend the reputation of their country.

The Chinese government is always concerned about their international reputation. If you receive no reply then a letter to your local media could produce results.



Chinese Embassy in Montenegro
Ambassador: Cui Zhiwei
Address: Radosava Burica 4B
Tel: 00382-20-609275, 00382-20-648595
Fax: 00382-20-609275

List of newspapers in Montenegro


Thanks for sharing.

We just received from: chenhzgs3@vip.163.com

Dear sir / madam.
We are Hongkong Guotai Group Foreign Economic Investment Co., Ltd. In order to satisfy the Group Chemical Plant and transport industrial detergent in your country's port, we are in urgent need of ordering 70 pressure tanks from you. We hope your company can give us support. The attachments are the design drawings of the pressure storage tanks. Please refer to it. Production is made according to our requirements.
For better cooperation. Please give the price of the factory price.
Production cycle: 11 months to complete: partial delivery.
Our terms of payment: order signing, down payment 40% T/T advance payment, 60% L/C before delivery.
Look forward to your good cooperation
Allegiance greeting
CEO: Haidong
Phone: +86-871-65191516, +86-871-63552259
Mobile phone: +86-187-8843-4837
Hongkong Guotai Group Foreign Economic Investment Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 238, people's Road, Kunming, Yunnan, China

It seems like they are going for some engineering products right now, but they forgot attaching the drawing.

Good luck all.