HRH Prince Boris III, from Republic of Slovenia

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    Received from:, [​IMG] USA, California, AltaVista Company
    Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2015
    From: ivanovski boris <>
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    My name is HRH PRINCE BORIS III 72years old from Republic of Slovenia,

    I have to be grateful to God almighty for all he has done for me since I was born till now, many of my age mates could not have the privilege of this, up on all their education and family background but by his grace I was able to reach where am today.

    My mail may come to you as a surprise but it is the will of God ,

    The reason of contacting you now is that am looking for reliable organization, NGO, churches or trusted individual that can handle this money for proper use of it for charity work because is like am coming to end of my life, and I know many are in need been frustrated, rejected because of poverty so we have to release what soever we have to support them.

    Am very sick of chronic cancer of the leg,lever cancer and one partial stroke, to eat now is a big problem, because of this all the doctors have confirmed and predicted my death in less than few months from the month August till the end of 2015 that I will die.

    This is why I have to donate all I have to you for the work of God as I don't have any child who will inherit my wealth.

    I have made ($8.5m) eight million five hundred thousand dollars only is available for less privileged people (charity homes) and has been deposited in the bank waiting your reply.

    please am putting this fund in to your care for prompt distribution which I know you can handle it, because this is my vow/ promise to my God.

    I have also make one millions dollars ($1,000,000.00) available for you and your family to spend so that you will not tamper the money made for privileged people the grand total of ($9,500.000.00) nine million five hundred thousand dollars only.

    If you are interested and fully be trusted contact me immediately so that i can inform you how you can receive this fund before is too late for me.
    Upon your reply I will send to you my pictures
    God bless you,
    Looking forward to hear from you.
    HRH Prince Boris.
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    Subject: GOD IS GREAT
    Date: 23 Dec 2015

    same email text as above
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    @ The Boris Ivanovski - Scammers don't research the people they wish to impersonate, that would involve using their brain. :rolleyes:
    We are pleased you feel well.
  4. I'm not really Boris, but sadly Boris is still active. I had a message yesterday from one of his victims. She writes (to Boris) - "I still love you. Nothing is more important than this"

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