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    romance scammer

    I think I'm trying to be used by a scammer. He keeps asking for money. Right now he said he is in Ghana and needs money for his hotel. I tell him no, but he keeps calling me. I ignore the phone calls, but he is persistant. How do I get him to stop? I met him online and then went to yahoo chat.
  3. Miyuki

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    Hello. Try and block his calls or do not answer them. And ignore him on chat. If he can't pay his hotel bill in Ghana then he is only a scammer.
  4. Primal_Instincts

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    Maybe its not a scammer and the guy needs your help for his hotel in Ghana, just be careful that it IS a scam, you know?
  5. De Master Yoda

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    You can rest assured it IS a scam. We see many identical, say they have absolutely no money but can still use the internet!

    Let me guess, something bad happened to him and now the hotel will not let him leave until he pays money, and his consulate cannot help.

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