I dey try Sakawa

In Liberia it is called Kalabulay, in Nigeria it is called 419 or Maga huntin, in Ghana it is called Sakawa

This scammer music is better than most scam songs going around

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PJdyQMBEB_0"]YouTube - RAB I FEAT Natual Kardinal I Dey Try SAKAWA[/ame]
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well maybe good maybe bad, these songs promote and encourage scamming

"I dey take it to the fullest height

If you see me cruisin in my beemer

I dey try Sakawa

Some scammers actually become scammers because they believe that these singers make sense, many dream of being rappers and believe that scamming is the way to make the money to enter the industry