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    Dear Ian Lazar, I finally found you and want you to remember that you stole EVERYTHING from me! YOU rode into my life early in the year of 2007, riding on your beautiful white stallion, with your slick words flowing from your mouth and made me feel you appeared to be an angel sent from Heaven above.

    I felt that you were a gift from God himself when you gave me hope and I gave you what was left of my life savings! I am writing this letter to say “Good-Bye.” I must end my hatred for you and protect myself from your deceiving lies, your false pride and false courage and false PROMISES.

    I want you to know the damage you have cause in my life, the damage that has taken me years to repair still even today, and some of the damage that is non-repairable.

    YOU stole my reputation when you caused me to say everything was ok to my friends and family when it was not and made you look better, you even took money from them. You lied to me and made me believe that they would believe my words of hope, I didn’t know that you would hurt them.

    You blocked the reality and clouded my perception so I wouldn’t realize that they already knew what was going on in my life, that they already knew you had the ball and chain attached and you were leading me around like a lost puppy trying to find his way home.

    YOU destroyed the positive relationships that I had spent years building. You took away the only people who I ever truly knew understood me and left me with no one to talk to, and afraid to ask for help.


    YOU showed me a path to complete self-destruction and utter despair, so dark and terrifying that I felt I had no other way out except to kill myself. You led me to suicide, IAN! You led me to want to kill the person that I had become so that I could never again be who I once was. IAN, I WILL SIT AND WATCH YOUR KARMA JUST LIKE YOU SAT BY AND WATCHED MY LIFE BEING DESTROYED.
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    Why is Lazar’s fiancée/partner Ms Angeline Allem, also known as Angeline Aamariah, still hanging around? She has faithfully appeared at the Preliminary Hearings and all the bail hearings. When Lazar was locked up there were regular phone calls made between the two. As a dutiful partner she should not be condemned for supporting Lazar. However, is there now more to her than this?

    Ms Angeline has had ample time to discover who Lazar really is. She has listened to the evidence presented by the DPP. Does she really believe he is innocent of all of the charges laid? Businesses and Companies that have Lazar’s paw prints all over are being registered in her name – see Posts 23 and 54.

    Has Ms Angeline progressed from a naive young woman whose interest on 20 August 2013 was to inquire of a Cosmetic Physician that “my skin is always congested, bumpy and dull” and “…my whole life is being effected i feel depressed and can’t complete simple daily tasks”, to an accomplice?

    Two depressed people in the relationship. A good match but pity for poor Lazar junior.

    Angeline has been called Lazar’s puppet. This was due to her being the sole officeholder of a business, Equity & Co, which has the same Post Office Box 6071 as his deregistered Business Acquisitions Australia Pty Limited. Equity & Co was previously operating as Commercial Diamond Trade, another of Lazar’s dummy businesses. See Post 23.

    Other Companies have now been unearthed such as ARL Property Group Pty Ltd with Ms Angeline’s name attached to it.

    Is she more than a puppet? Can she now be accused of being a business partner with full knowledge of, and now contributing to, the way Lazar operates?

    Dr Henderson is Mr Lazar’s treating psychiatrist. In his initial review of Lazar on 20 September 2016 has said of Lazar “expressing a number of grandiose ideas relating to his legal knowledge and photographic memory.” Does our multi-talented Mr Lazar also have the ability to see the future? On 03/05/2016 there was the third and most recent change of the registered address of her/his ARL Property Group Pty Ltd to Mosman. This last change was two months before Lazar’s bail was revoked and he was returned to Silverwater. And five months from lock up to his successful appeal and release on bail to his current address at the Mental Hospital at…..wait for it…..Yes! Mosman! Dar, dar, dar, dar. Dar, dar, dar, dar.

    It was noticed at the bail hearing the other week that Ms Angeline was not wearing her Krupp diamond. The rock was a glaring statement of where some of the money went. There was a suggestion in Posts 18 &19 that it be pawned and the money raised used to repay investors. Could this be possible? Maybe? Nah.

    Hopefully, for our couple, it is not stored along with the other valuables in a shoebox in their apartment. We know what recently happened to that Kardashian woman.

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    If you have a strong stomach you can read this. A link is in a previous post but after reading more about him it seems appropriate to show how he deludes himself and tries to delude others.

    "The business I am in is complex no one understands it" =Ian Lazar.

    A 4 corners report. It includes a video showing Ian Lazar.

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    Apparently Lazar is still a guest of her majesty as the hospital has refused to have him, unconfirmed reports citing political reasons within the Mosman facility! I could only imagine the drama of accomodating Lazar (they wouldn't have enough vases for all the flowers) and the staffs concerns for their personal safety, I wonder if the hospital is worried they might get sued! Seeing as you even sued your own family bankrupting your former wife! Pig
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    It would be good to believe 4corner’s previous post saying that Lazar may not have been admitted to Mosman Mental Hospital, unfortunately, there is no evidence that this is so and contact with the hospital indicates that he is there.

    I have received an SMS saying that Lazar’s treating shrink has complained about the recent press his mental patient has been given which is offensive to people with mental illness.

    For a moment I thought the shrink was referring to this Forum where some honest, but unflattering things have been said about our little mate. But no, the shrink was referring to Kate McClymont’s article on 22 October 2016 in the Sydney Morning Herald.

    This psychologist has the scary job of delving into Lazar’s mind to discover who he really is then trying to change his dedicated lifelong behaviour of, as Senator Williams said, “ripping people off”.

    I was surprised as I didn’t remember being left with the shrink’s impression when I read Kate’s article so I went back and reread it. Again, I couldn’t find a problem with what was written. http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/alleged-f...et-private-hospital-room-20161021-gs7hw8.html

    It is Lazar who is giving people who genuinely suffer from Bipolar II Disorder a bad name by hiding behind this tag.
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    What has puzzled me for years now is why Lazar is still here. By here, I mean alive. He has scammed so many people including serious criminals. Why haven’t they done what so many less law abiding citizens would like to do?

    This week’s news is the shooting and death of Pasquale Barbaro. He was shot several times as he left the home of a friend on Monday night. An Audi car, similar to that seen speeding away, was later found burnt out in a nearby suburb.

    Pasquale was on bail for drug charges. He was initially refused bail and while in jail his then-wife Melinda Grasso was told by none other than our little mate that there was a "hit" out on her husband. Lazar convinced her to hock her Mercedes for $35,000.

    Lazar, who pocketed the "protection" money, has been charged with fraud. Pasquale was understood to be required to give evidence at Lazar's trial. Alas, not to be. Hopefully there is still enough evidence for Rocky to be found guilty.

    Pasquale had form. According to Police he was "known to be part of the Italian Mafia in Griffith, NSW and to be heavily involved in organized crime including major drug supply and firearm offences".

    Pasquale was chasing construction industry figure and standover man Joe Antoun for an alleged $750,000 debt. Pasquale had told associates he had twice tried to kill Mr Antoun. Mr Anton died from gunshot wounds at Strathfield in 2013.

    Pasquale Barbaro’s family has a history of violence:
    • His grandfather was murdered in 1990 in a gangland shooting.
    • His cousin was shot dead in 2003 during the Melbourne gangland wars.
    • His great uncle had a leg amputated in 1993 as a result of a kneecapping.
    • His uncle was jailed for 30 years in 2012 for the world’s biggest ecstasy bust.
    • His father was jailed in 2005 for supplying drugs
    In July 2002, Pasquale was sentenced to five years' jail in the ACT for possessing a prohibited weapon, armed robbery, theft and burglary.

    At the time of his murder, Pasquale was facing the possibility of 20 years in jail over the manufacture of ice.


    With such a background that Pasquale had I’m surprised what Lazar did in ripping off he and his wife didn’t have Pasquale sorting out Lazar well before now. A shame.
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    Lazar had another bail hearing today in the Supreme Court.

    The Hearing wasn’t before Judge Harrison who had disappointingly granted him bail seven weeks ago but it is not expected that this new Judge will overturn Harrison’s decision.

    I expect that Rocky has promised the Judge that he has been on best behaviour, been taking his meds and hasn’t threatened to kill anyone lately.

    I have no information if Rocky is still in the mental hospital but I imagine he is all better now and this Hearing was to request bail to continue at home with Ms Angeline and Lazar junior. Home for Hanukkah.

    These are his Court dates for December:
    09 Dec 9:30 am 2014/00320266 R v IAN DAVID LAZAR Criminal Local Court Hearing Local Court Magistrate C Farnan Sydney Downing Centre Unassigned
    15 Dec 9.30 am 2016/00195437 R v IAN DAVID LAZAR Criminal Local Court Mention (Police) Unassigned Central Unassigned
    16 Dec 9:30 am 2016/00195437 R v IAN DAVID LAZAR Criminal Local Court Mention (Police) Unassigned Burwood Unassigned
    16 Dec 10:00 am 2014/00320266 R v IAN DAVID LAZAR Criminal District Court Mention Unassigned Sydney Downing Centre Unassigned

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    The case against Lazar is that he operated as a shadow director of a company called RSH and committed financial crimes. It amazes me that the court will give him a third chance, allow him to use a mobile phone and a computer. The wife has two companies in her name, no doubt she will be the new puppet for his financial dealings to shield him from his ridiculous bail conditions. I suppose the theory is that if you give somebody enough rope and eventually they hang themselves. I am sure the residents of Centennial Park will be thrilled to learn that Lazar has a new address (an $850 a week dump), no jetty Lazar for all those boats you were gloating about on ABC? How the mighty have fallen. I wonder how long until you conjure up a new pyramid scheme.
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    The reason for the lack of information on Lazar since December 2016 was due to a request by the State Crime Command, New South Wales Fraud and Cyber Crime Squad. They had a concern that the detailed information disclosed in this thread may jeopardise the upcoming Court actions against him. I could not understand how this could be, but have respected their request.

    Today, 26 May 2017, our little mate was in Court again. He was trying to have Regina pay for his legal expenses in the cases that were dismissed or withdrawn by the Police.

    Magistrate Farnan rejected all his claims.

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