I'm Honest Real Civil Family Barrister at Law.


Barrister Thomas Federich

I'm Honest Real Civil Family Barrister at Law.you friend and fowls that was trying to black mail me..you better back off as the is my professional line.

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Maybe his post is connected to this add?


I need a loan in Chile (2% Interest Rate)
From the desk of attorney Thomas Federich A: Alejandra Varela Re ino Kingdom 19/03/2010 Dear Customer: Before your mail was well observed and understood, I hope that you are getting better now? your loan is still outstanding with the bank to await the day that payment is made ​​outstanding bank credit to your loan in your bank account, and you do not have to pay any additional fee. All that is required to pay the current rate is 621.00? outstanding and your loan will be credited into your bank account int. All I need I tell you when you will be making payment to update the bank and keep your existing loan to date. Yours faithfully, Barrister Thomas Federich E-mail: thomasfrederichc Hambers @ hotmail. com 39B CONCORD ROAD