Imoje Henry Emmanuel, Nigeria


Na Frustrate Go Kill All Diss Phools?
According to the video's description:

A selphie video recorded on 10/Nov/2018 and sent by a Nigerian scammer located in Lagos Nigeria during an attempt to scam a Western Union payment during a 419 advance fee fraud scam.

The scammer is seen in this video promising he will send $45,000,000 after the advance fee fraud payment of $550 is made to him via Western Union.

The scammer goes by the fake name of Mrs. Koffi Jacques who is working for an Ally Bank Ltd USA and then uses a second name of a Mr. Imoje Henry Emmanuel in Lagos Nigera.

The scammer provided the following phone number in Nigeria: +234-80-9709-5346. Also, he uses the following 2 email addresses for his scams: &

Perhaps we should give Mr. Imoje Henry Emmanuel a call and ask for more details about his offer?

De Master Yoda

Staff member
Imoje Henry Emmanuel another low life scammer. I hope you like your free publicity. Scammers like to operate in the dark so I hope you like being exposed as the low life you are. Why who knows your family and friends may get to see what a parasite you really are.