Inga, Azerbaijan

From:, Indonesia, Jakarta, PT iForte Global Internet
Subject: Hey !
Date: Fri, 13 Jul 2018
From: "Inga Azunmamedova " <>
Reply-To: <>

I wish you to imagine also who write you now. My Age 25 My name is Inga. Would to know and tell me please are you alone? I can send you my image at first, and also if you wish to see more. I of course send next time at yours e-mail address. Also I would like to see your photos and can you send it? wish to know how old are you? If you are alone, I will be glad to learn you better and about your views. All my friends told me that I'm very funny in life. Probably its because I am pleasant and frank woman. Have got flames inside and need someone to light it up. I am certain in me, I love life, people, temper. I have a work and move a lot and I try to eat correct food. Interesting in all new things which can be useful for my lifestyle and I am interested in news. As it has been already adverted. I do much various hobbies, swimming. I live in Azerbaijan, if you know about my country? I'll wait your answer