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    Interpol is the world’s largest international police organization, with 186 member countries. It exists to help create a safer world by supporting law enforcement agencies worldwide to combat crime. Interpol has three core functions, which provide:
    • Secure global police communications
    • Data services and databases for police
    • Operational Police Support Service

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    More information about interpol.

    Go to Interpol and click on this "Contact" tab at the top of the home-page. A "Police-Justice" link appears. Open it to an A - V list. Choose your country. Click on that link to find sites and resource information. When I research the Department of Justice (DOJ), you can go here to visit the DOJ's many divisions and offices. Interpol has a user-friendly website.
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    Update 8/8/07: Victims defrauded by scammers originating from South Africa should open SAPS Commercial Branch & SAPS Crime Intelligence links in this section for further details.
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