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    Return-Path: mchaves@gfi-info.es
    Return-Path: mchaves@gfi-info.es
    Received: from [] ([] helo=remo.gfi.es)
    From: Iuliia mchaves@gfi-info.es
    Message-Id: 0AE182D5-07DE-4956-F487-CF9AB4500E22@gfi-info.es
    Date: Wed, 31 Aug 2016
    Reply-To: Iuliia loveva.iuliia@yandex.com

    Good Morning!

    where do You live now and how old are You?

    It`s Iuliia!

    I`m from Russia:) I`am very desirable female and at present trying to find fair Man! If You are interested. reply me I can send You my photo) have a nice day
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    Received: from [] by t603.bullet.mail.ssk.yahoo.co.jp with NNFMP; 07 Sep 2016 21:16:31 -0000
    From: Iulechka Iulechka <bluechan33@yahoo.co.jp>
    Subject: Hey there..
    Date: Wed, 07 Sep 2016
    Return-Path: <bluechan33@yahoo.co.jp

    Good morning, I would like to to meet you. I'm a single girl, my name is Iuliia. I'm 33 years old. I want to meet my special someone. I'm lookin' for a decent man with serious intentions, for new relationship. I live in great country called Russia. You live in Unated Kingdom? I wanna meet a life partner and stay with him until the end of life. Our wishes equal? In this e-mail i sent you my picture, also wait for your photos. If you're not interested, please ignore my e-mail. I could understand you. If you are interested, we can continue our dialog much more closely in our next e-mail.
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    Reply-To: "Iuliia" iiliiia.solovevu@yandex.com
    From: "Iuliia" tskcj028@ybb.ne.jp
    Subject: Hola! how did it come about?
    Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2016

    Good Day;) where do You live now and how old are You? I'm Iuliia, I'm from
    Russian Federation and 30 years old.
    I'm very safe woman and at present look up dependable Man.
    If You wish to talk. reply me)
    I'll send You my picture attach)
    thank you
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    Return-Path: <info@warmglassil.com>
    Return-Path: <info@warmglassil.com>
    Received: from [] ([] helomail.veritech.co.il)
    From: Iuliia <info@warmglassil.com>
    Reply-To: Iuliia <iiliiia.solovevu@yandex.com>
    Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2016

    Hello there:)
    where do You live now and how old are You?
    I'am Iuliia I'm from Russia and 30 years old I'am very soundly woman and just looking delicious Man Hope You want to talk. reply me;) I can send You my photo attach.

    thank you

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