Izumi, from Tokyo

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    Supposed to be from Asian Date.

    From:, [​IMG] Iran, Tehran, Fanava Group
    Return-Path: Izumidvdo@lansaque-sautaux.ch
    Date: Sat, 07 Oct 2017
    From: Izumi Izumidvdo@lansaque-sautaux.ch
    Message-ID: 6814443719.678987900510184233.JavaMail.root@lansaque-sautaux.ch
    Subject: Good day to you my friend

    Hi there sweet!
    Would you mind to finding a young and nice girl of 24?
    My name is Izumi. I am from Tokyo.
    Have you ever heard that the loveliest girls in the world live in my country? Don`t even doubt!
    I want to invite you to a very nice international family life agency where hundreds of single people are looking for their future lovers.
    I long for finding a special person for serious relations or even family life.
    Aren`t you the one I am searching for?

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