Jack William, Financial Bank Management Group

Probably the same guy: http://antifraudintl.org/threads/jack-william-access-bank-or-america-first-credit-union.116147/

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Date: Fri, 11 May 2018
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Subject: Western Union office

Contact American First Credit Union Bank..

This is Mr. Jack William from (Financial Bank Management Group) We have move your fund down to United State of American First Credit Union bank.

The government here is having some defaults in their management and they are not granting a direct transfer from here because the fund is high and the amount is ($9,000.000)Nine Million US Dollars.
We forward this down to the United State - American First Credit Union for an easy payment to you online transfer. With this, you can easily receive the funds without any more hindrance or delays.

Contact Mr. Douglas Civilian, America First Credit Union
Address. 1344 West 4675 South Riverdale,
UT 84405. United States
E-mail: credit_union@yahoo.com

Contact the bank now so they could complete this payment for you without any delay and do comply with them to restored your lost hope back.

The following information is require from you;
You full name
Your Home address
your Bank name
Account number
Routing no
Swift Code
Your phone number
A copy of your identity

Remain Bless
Mr. Jack William..
(Financial Bank Group Management)