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    From:, [​IMG] Benin, Cotonou, 4g 3g And Gprs Customers
    Return-Path: <alephstore@alice.it>
    Message-ID: <1602715d8b6.alephstore@alice.it>
    Date: Tue, 5 Dec 2017
    From: "MR. JAMES WHITE" <alephstore@alice.it>
    Reply-To: dhlheadoffice@inbox.lv
    Subject: Attention Funds Beneficiary:

    Attention funds owner,

    Dear Sir/madam,

    I'm MR.JAMES WHITE,the new appointed Delivery man of Regular delivery DHL Office branched at Cotonou Benin. I assumed this office on 7th,September 2017. On going through the files of the previous records of this office, I discovered that there are six parcels containing ATM cards each one attached with an email address of the owner on it. The former appointee of this office (Alhaji Ahmed Musa Jr.) failed to carry out the delivery as it was instructed and programmed. Probably, one of his reasons for not carrying out the delivery was that you have not provided your postal address to him for the completion of the delivery as he remarked.

    According to the content recorded in each file, the ATM card was deposited by one Senior Evangelist Mathew Peterson who died one year ago as a charity foundation parcel to each of the six of you. On the statement he wrote on the list, he stated that each of the aforementioned ATM cards contains the sum of US$2,7,000.00 and he found your email contacts as reputable and capable persons that can use the charity awarded ATM Cards to change the lives of people.

    Meanwhile, I've made the arrangement of delivery the six parcels through Regular delivery DHL Office to the six of you to your respective mailing addresses.

    Am also sending the same message of the same content to six of you that own the six abandoned ATM CARDS each at the same time. If found in spam folder, it could be due to your Internet Service Provider, ISP. So move to your inbox before your reply.

    I went to our head office at Cotonou Benin and reported the issue of the discovered six ATM cards in my office and they verified it and gave me the veto order to carry out the delivery immediately you reconfirm your mailing address to this office in order for us to deliver the ATM CARD directly to you after Postal Stamp of the parcel. Note, below information is officially needed for delivery of the ATM CARD ASAP.

    Full name: dallas
    Full mailing info:
    Your cell phone line:
    Nearest Airport:

    We shall deliver your ATM Card once you update us with the above info and you shall be given a tracking number, that is, the Track and Trace number of your parcel once it is posted to your destination address, so as to enable you track your parcel to know exactly when it will arrive to your destination address.

    I will looking forward to receiving your immediate response.

    DHL,Director Office Cotonou Benin.
    DHL E-MAIL dhlheadoffice@inbox.lv)
    Phone Number +229-6144-9919
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    Return-Path: <johnfranciskelly33@yahoo.com>
    Date: Sun, 6 May 2018
    From: james_white <johnfranciskelly33@yahoo.com>
    Reply-To: james_white <diplomaticagent146@gmail.com>
    Subject: diplomatic agent

    I am Mr. james white, the DHL Courier Company’s Diplomatic Agent of Benin Republic who came to deliver your consignment box, i received your email regarding the delivery of your consignment and so far so good i have arrived in Germany today and i am presently in Wisconsin international airport Germany which is as a result of the numerous passengers who dropped in this airport.

    Although it is a good news that your valuable consignments has arrived successfully in Wisconsin international airport for onward shipment to your home address but I’m having a little problem here with the Airport Authorities because they intercepted your Consignment with regards to the U.S Customs law guiding every incoming consignment/packages/parcel but after interception of the consignment, they confess that all my documents are complete but they added that i need to obtain a certificate called INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT which will permit me to pass through the border along with your consignment to complete the delivery to your above address you submitted.

    Further more, I would have proceeded to your home since with your consignment but the Customs in Wisconsin international airport of United States of Americacould not allow me due to the INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT of the consignment and this rendered me stranded and helpless as a stranger, even the customs deliberated to open the consignment due to this issue of customs permit certificate but i refused due to my diplomatic immunity, and again i was given instruction that the consignment should not be opened or scanned at any point of entry. Consequently, the Wisconsin international Airport Authorities OF United States of America are very serious about the certificate called INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT. They guess it must be obtained first before I will take the next available flight to your place with the consignment. At the moment I have pleaded with the Wisconsin international Airport Customs Authorities to allow me in with the consignment but they refused.

    They said that it is illegal to enter the Country with the Consignment without the INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT . They now directed me to contact the origin country of the consignment to get the certificate and I have also contacted the DHL Company Director Benin Republic to go to the custom office in BeninRepublic to obtain the certificate and the custom said that the certificate will cost you the sum of US $100, Please note that INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMITisvery needed right now to be obtain from Benin Republic Customs Services to enable me get out through customs at Wisconsin international airport USA and locate to your home address.

    Please quickly make the arrangement of sending the needed sum of US$100 immediately through money gram or western union with the information below so that my director can obtain the required INTERNATIONAL DELIVERY PERMIT to enable me arrive to your home today and go back to my country.

    Director DHL Company: Mr James Richard
    Telephone Number: (+229) 63047623

    Send the sum of US$100 direct to DHL office in Benin Republic with thisinformation.

    Receiver name pete nonso
    Country Benin Republic
    Country code +229
    Test question in God
    Answer we TRUST
    Amount $100
    MTCN and sender name…….

    Note that any moment i receive the needed US$100 i will forward it to my director to obtain the document and fax to the custom for them to release me

    Sincerely & Thank You
    Mr. james white
    Diplomatic Agent
    Phone Number +1208) 920-8595
    DHL Courier Company
    Benin Republic
    contact email diplomaticagent146@gmail.com

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