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    Rev. Douglas Morrison is at http://antifraudintl.org/threads/rev-dr-douglas-morrison-dhl-benin.71609/

    From:, [​IMG] Benin, Cotonou, Isocel SA

    Return-Path: <graziano84v@alice.it>
    Message-ID: <15a180953c3.graziano84v@alice.it>
    Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2017
    From: "Agent Mr. James Zinchin" <graziano84v@alice.it>
    Reply-To: diplomat_-aget656@outlook.fr
    Subject: Diplomat has arrival at Orlando International Airport Call +1 857-3992-149

    Diplomat has arrival at Orlando International Airport Call +1 857-3992-149 I am the diplomat agent responsible for the delivery of your parcel. I received your mailing while I have been this airport for couple of days. Its mandatory that the delivery of your ATM package will take place today because it has given me a lot of stress while I was told that it will take me only 2days.The way Your Orlando Int Airport Florida HOME LAND PORT SECURITIES inspects consignment shipped out of French Country is not well pleased. I am having a little problem here with Orlando Int Airport Florida HOMELAND SECURITY, intercepting the consignment with regards to the DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CLEARANCE PAPER which is delaying my coming to the above address you supplied to make the delivery to you. They persisted I must provide the Diplomatic Immunity Clearance Paper before I will be allow to connect my flight to Your City

    I presented the Clearance certificate, Yellow Tag and my American Gate Passing certificate but they refused. I asked the man in charge Mr. Mark David the reason of all this delay because the entire necessary documents is complete and this ATM package has been on transits from PARIS FRANCE and the authority over there did not demand for such certificate and he did not detailed the reasonable answer of the stopped, but keep on telling me that it's illegal to enter the country with the UN open ATM Package without the DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CLEARANCE PAPER otherwise they will inspect the consignment since is sending from individual to individual. I don't have any means to contact you when I arrived this airport and my only means to communicate with you orally, is phone and email so please here is my direct line 857-3992-149 to connect me anytime.

    At the moment I have negotiated with the Customs Authority to allow me in with the consignment but they refused. They now directed me to contact the origin of the consignment to get the clearance and I have also contacted THE BENIN REPUBLIC EMBASSY and through the help of a customs officer Mr. Peter Fowler, they said that it will cost sum of $599.00.and you must understand that time do not wait for anybody and I’m still trying to meet up with the FLIGHT SCHEDULE today.

    Kindly send $599.00. To BENIN REPUBLIC Immediately through western union with the name below so that they can obtain the required CLEAN BILL OF RECORD to enable me board my flight to come over to your based, send the little fee to our office in Benin Republic with the information’s below:

    Receiver's Name.... Jim Onu
    Country....Benin Republic
    Amount........ $599.00.
    Send the MTCN via email below,

    You can get in touch with him on REV. DR. DOUGLAS MORRISON on (+22999 178428) OR, to enable them pick it up and obtain the paper and get it fax to me on this fax number 857-3992-149. I will be forwarding this email to the company now. To avoid any delay, once you get the money send kindly email me for me to be updated. Please don't delay because I don't have enough time to be delay. Send across the $599.00. .To our office in Benin as soon as possible to enable me arrange the DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY CLEARANCE PAPER of the consignment as to assure that the delivery is completed ASAP.

    Agent Mr. James Zinchin
    Orlando Int Airport Florida
    TRANSACTION CODE 7126/JLFS/7138/17305/

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