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Discussion in 'Male romance scammers' started by Sapphire's Strike, Jun 9, 2017.

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    Return Path: <kolslove@hotmil.com>
    Date: 07 Jun 2017
    From: "JAMIE JAMES"<kolslove@hotmil.com>
    Subject: :GREETINGS MY LOVE !!!
    Reply to: <jamesjamie4luv@yandex.com>

    Good day MY LOVE,

    How are you? I regard of your posted Profile that i came across on the dating site that is why am contacting you, You sound very nice and good looking. Am really interested in you and i will like to know more about you.and i hope we can start together as a good Friendship. Am still single But looking for someone like you to Love and share my heart with Not One Night standing relationship.Kindly reply me back,

    Looking forward to read back from you.
    contact: newjamesjamesjamie@gmail.com
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    I second this one, I just got this message as well

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