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From Hiroko Jiro. Japanese will find this is funny maybe. The kanji name under the picture is white not but the kanji name is not Hiroko Jiro.

Jiro Hiroko.jpg


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The Hiroko Jiro ID is fake for many reasons.

1. The scammer is in Nigeria, not in Japan.
2. He can't photoshop very well because he can't fit the bank Logo and Kanji name within the boundary of the document.
3. The scammer has used the name Hiroko, which might be written  寛子, but this is not a family name. It is also a female name, not a male's name or a family name.
4. In the original picture there is a kanji name under the picture. It goes without saying that the kanji name under the picture is not even close to the name Hiroko Jiro.
5. Jiro is an acceptable male name.
6. The scammer has correctly found the address of a Japanese bank but since he is Nigerian he cannot correctly write the address in English.
7. To the left of where it says branch head are 2 characters. Neither of these are used in Japanese.
8. The bottom line is very nice but it happens to be Chinese not Japanese. To a Nigerian scammer I suppose that Japanese and Chinese look the same.