Jason Scott, FTC Incorporation

Discussion in 'Debt collection scams' started by Spanish Administrator, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Terri

    Terri Guest

    Glad I decided to look this guy name up. I got the same email saying the same thing.
    He has my s.s. number and sent it to me on text...I can relax now. was very stress...
  2. Terri

    Terri Guest

    who can I report this to? He needs to be stop,
    here is his ....usa.lawfirm.66@gmail.com
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  3. Sapphire's Strike

    Sapphire's Strike Administrator Staff Member

    @ Terri
  4. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

  5. s Trimble

    s Trimble Guest

    I just got this message on Friday, 7/17/15, I couldn't sleep, he was hurting all day on Saturday, I even called once the email came through, no answer, I was prepared to call on Monday to find out what the hell I had done, this fool need to be put in jail, I don't write check, then it said something about fraud, what, I'm a single parent trying to make a good living for my kids...
  6. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    s Trimble welcome to AFI. Please stop all contact with this scammer. You can rest assured that you will NOT be charged with anything.

    The email is NOT from any authority but from a low life scamming scumbag who is trying to steal money.

    It is sad that the scammers do not have the intelligence to get honest jobs.
    They may have a short time of having some stolen money. but the net is closing on many scammers and more and more of them are spending many years in prison for their crimes.

    Please do not let this parasite affect your life he is just not worth it. Again if you stop all contact with him you will be a lot safer.

    The authorities are NOT after you, so just ignore this garbage from a desperate low down scammer.
  7. debbers

    debbers Guest

    The exact email I got. But they have my ss# on it. How did they get that??? So I guess my id has been stolen??
  8. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    Like Kat said. Your identity isn't "stolen" but it appears compromised. It depends on how these people get SSNs. That's why law enforcement needs to know about this.
  9. Rodney King

    Rodney King Guest

    I got this as well it's a scam he has an GMail account
  10. dmbgirl

    dmbgirl Guest

    My sister has gotten three of them so far. She emailed me them freaking. I said first of all the FTC doesn't email you, second those regulations are stated all wrong, so, if they were from the FTC they would be correct. I told her that its easy to get ss ID, etc. via different companies. I said to report it to the FTC, do a complaint for them impersonating a Federal Official and to delete it. People are scum sometimes.
  11. Nutty Nette

    Nutty Nette Guest

    I got this email with the same info, but when I told Jason that I did not get no money from no one on online he hung up.
  12. mia maloli

    mia maloli Guest

    please some one have to do something with this man i was so worry today thinking in my babys i call left message no one call when i print this papers out its fake made on microsoft with fake stamps that u can use delet or update im worry about how he have ssn gor people ho work have kids and try to be with family in peace
  13. Kat

    Kat Administrator Staff Member

    Are you contacting the police and your state attorney general?
  14. mia maloli

    mia maloli Guest

    no yet i call ss office i call my credit report to check is i hav something new and i put a warning alert on it next step is look for a lowyer some one hav to report this man he sent me another email back in march but with out ssn
  15. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

  16. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    People, we need details on this, email addresses, phone numbers, addresses etc. Just telling us you got an email gives you a chance to vent but it isn't providing information that law enforcement can use.
  17. pstjat

    pstjat Guest

    From email law.associate.firms@gmail.com
    Find Your Warrant Copy :-
    Attorney :- Jason Scott
    Number :- (913) 937 7481

    NAME :-
    CASE FILE :- CA#34729
    SSN :-
    Bureau of Defaulters Agency - FTC Incorporation.
  18. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    Guests please do not just post a copy of a previous post with no further comment. The original post has been seen and action taken if needed.

    Several guests have been doing this, posting copies on their own just wastes time and bandwidth and will be deleted. Thank you for your understanding.
  19. Jlaw

    Jlaw Guest

    Quite funny because the summons attachment has "summons for jury service" in the back ground - what a dumba**
  20. Clee1976

    Clee1976 Guest

    I too received these emails. It started over a year ago and after contacting the police, it stopped for about 3 months And then started up again. I just received another email like this today. "Jason Scott" attorney general is who he claims to be. I have family in the police department and I was so scared when this all began that I went in and had them run my SSN to see if I had any warrants. This is a scam.. Hope this helps the pounding hearts out there! Lord knows I was terrified!

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