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    Subject: My New Year Offering
    Date: 2017-01-09
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    My New Year Offering

    Dear ,

    I want to confirm to you that I decided to contact you directly because I was directed by the spirit of God to open a Non Governmental Organization (NGO) in our country before my sickness came. I'm currently receiving treatment at the Oasis of Hope Hospital, a well-respected cancer treatment center in Mexico, run by committed Christian doctors, which combines alternative and conventional treatments. Here i will undergo a surgery by the head doctor, Dr. Contreras to remove the tumor in my neck, which is expected to relieve most of the debilitating symptoms i have been experiencing.

    I lived and worked in Ghana as a director of the Gold Research Institute for many years before coming back here in South America to treat myself.However,the fund is on my private account in Cote d?Ivoire.and I have discussed and reached Terms already with my accounts manager to move the sum for investment in your country. Could you please respond to me with your Direct telephone number for more details. God bless you.

    N .B Here is my Praivte Email

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