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Discussion in 'Diplomat scams' started by Kelly Parrson, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. Kelly Parrson

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    Hello everyone I hope I am not the only one who fell for this. But I have been scammed by Diplomat John Barry by his group consisiting of a Kimberly Wilson, Udosen Micheal, Udosen James that promised to deliver a box of 500,000.00 they hit me hard before I realized I was scammed for $5,000.00.

    Know I have a group in Benin trying to do the same thing, by Paul Eden And Basil Ejiofor plus some lady that claims to work at UBA bank a Linda NDE PLUS the guy who is texting me daily this is there second time to hit me up.

    I Have told them I was going to turn them in and they just laughed at the idea. Is there anyway to report them.
  2. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    @kelly I am sorry to hear that you lost money to these scammers.
    As a crime (fraud) has been committed you can lodge a report with your local police and if you can take along hard copies of any emails etc to hand to them it may help.

    More information for reporting these types of crimes are here.

    Now you have been scammed the scammers will try different methods to keep scamming you.

    Please do NOT reply to any offers of recovery or other emails from unknown people.

    It would be a good idea to do an anti virus scan as well.

    If you wish you can post copies of their emails , along with their email address and we can have a look at them to see if we can do anything. Please remove your email and your details before you post anything. Thank you.

    I think these are the names and phone numbers involved in this scam?
    It MAY be a small gang but is probably the same scammer using different names.

    John Barry, Udosen Micheal, Udosen James, Kimberly Wilson, George Drake, James Edward Quittenton
    913-624-3817, 614-830-9356

    Kelly if you are who I think you are then you can use this group to assist you.

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