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Discussion in 'Visa scams' started by Dororo, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. Naruto

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    She already said. It's a scam.
  2. Please i need help.
    I connected with acanadian company to work with them. They send to me some papers to continue and fill it.
    They deliver me to immigration lawer .
    The immigration lawer want from me to send to him money to send to me approval visa letter.
    Is this ordinary. I mean this lawer is true procedure in canada.
    Answer me
  3. Central Scrutinizer

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    I don't know if it's a normal procedure because there aren't many facts here. Immigrating to where? The lawyer is who? The lawyer is where? How much does he want? Did he ask you to pay by Western Union?
  4. Hi
    The immigration lawer need to deliver to him by westerunion
    Amount 538$ canadian dollars.
    To can send to me approval letter to authorize my visa . To can go to canada.
    I was contacted with mr.brown .
    He told to me i must pay to can come to canada.
    Now iam afraid .
    If i donot pay . May his words was true and i miss this opprtunity.
    If i payd may he is fake.
    Can you help me?
  5. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    @Mamoud welcome to AFI. Sorry but this is a scam, there is NO JOB. It is all a scam to get your money.

    No company can obtain a visa for you or anyone else, ONLY a government office can do this and the government offices do NOT use western union.

    "May his words was true and i miss this opprtunity."
    NO there is NO opportunity, it is just a trick to steal money from you.

    Please stop all contact with these crooks. Thank you.
  6. Nanook

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    As I said elsewhere, there are a lot of people in employment centres in Canada looking for a job. We don't need to hire from overseas. Any type of email you receive like that is bound to be a scam as Yoda says.
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  7. Sapphire's Strike

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    @ Muhammad Ali shah - DO NOT SEND THESE SCAMMERS ANY FURTHER FUNDS. is a free webmail provider, similar to gmail & hotmail etc. You are dealing with a scammer.

    You can file a report with your local law enforcement office, taking all evidence with you.

    Government departments do not use free email providers. This is the Canadian Government website:

    You can post all the emails here if you wish, including email addresses & telephone numbers.
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  8. De Master Yoda

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  9. Sidra

    Sidra Guest

    dear I have received different mail on different steps so these all fake ?
    Emails which I received from;
  10. Sapphire's Strike

    Sapphire's Strike Administrator Staff Member

    @ Sidra - Yes, all those email addresses you have posted belong to scammers, they are fake.

    Government do not use free email addresses such as those you posted. All are similar to hotmail, yahoo & gmail providers.

    The real Canadian Government site is here:

    Cease all contact with these criminals, they are out to steal your money. Thank you.
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  11. Central Scrutinizer

    Central Scrutinizer Administrator Staff Member

    Like she said before.
  12. dele abiodun

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    pls is this also a scam immigration bureau.Ottawa@quality
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  13. Nanook

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    What has been said repeatedly in this thread. The domain for immigration is

    Any email from any server you receive which does not direct you to is a scam. Always. Every single time. No exceptions.
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  14. De Master Yoda

    De Master Yoda Administrator Staff Member

    Dear guests please listen to the good advice from our senior members who have been kind enough to advise.

    From the OFFICIAL Canadian immigration site:

    "Things to remember
    Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) will never:

    • contact you over the telephone to collect fees or fines,
    • be aggressive or threaten to arrest or deport you,
    • threaten to harm you or a member of your family, or damage your home or property,
    • ask for personal information over the phone (except to verify information you already gave us),
    • ask for financial information over the phone,
    • try to rush you into paying right away,
    • ask you to pay fees using prepaid credit cards, Western Union, Money Gram, gift cards, or any other similar services, or
    • send police to arrest you for unpaid fees."
    Please note that visas are ONLY issued by the official government agencies who NEVER ask for payment via Western union or Money gram etc. Any person or organization who asks for these visa fees to be paid this way IS A SCAMMER. NO buts, ifs, or maybes, they ARE scammers.

    NO organization apart from the official government authorities can promise or guarantee to issue any visas. REGARDLESS of what any scammer says, it is at the sole discretion of the government authorities whether any visa is issued.
    And NO immigration authorities anywhere in the world are reduced to using free email services.
  15. Snow

    Snow Guest

    Thanks for all your advices. I read all the thread of conversations here and exactly what they have posted about the email they received from certain John Brown is what he sent to my boyfriend. They promised a job in Marriot hotel in Canada and said that the easiest way to enter Canada is through tourist visa??? It will all happen so fast once you reply to the email which for me is all "too good to be true" that's why I doubted, and guys please just think that you can go to Canadian embassy or Consulate to apply for your own tourist visa and it will not cost you that much, and the English grammar is questionable for a native English speaker. I doubted so much that's why I started searching for this guy's name, the email address they are using and the exact visa fees as the amount they are asking is more than the US visa fee. Thank God for directing me to google and see this conversations. It validates all my doubts. As of this writing he's asking to contact some lawyer and the lawyer is asking to pay $327. Good thing we never send any single cents as I am really doubtfull about this. Thanks for the God given instinct and let me searched first the authenticity of this. More power to you and God bless
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  16. Naruto

    Naruto Administrator Staff Member

    What are the email address and phone numbers they have?
  17. Snow

    Snow Guest

    Here are the email address they are using:
    The canadian immigration contact lawyer's name they gave is BARRISTER DAVID COHEN

    The email address he used is and the canadaian lawyer's email add is He even mention the name of the lawyer to contact with, his name is Barrister David Cohen.
  18. Elsa

    Elsa Guest

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  19. De Master Yoda

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    @Elsa Thank you for your kind words they are appreciated. We are happy to assist people. :)

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