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    From Oklahoma Donate
    Return-Path: <>
    Received: from, United States, Plano, Road Runner Holdco Llc
    Reply-To: <>
    From: "Oklahoma Donate" <> 加入寄件人到通訊錄
    Subject: Kindly Donate to the Victims of Oklahoma Tornado
    Date: Thu, 23 May 2013

    Friend --
    We're all still stunned and saddened by the destructive tornadoes that hit Oklahoma yesterday. As the people of Moore and Newcastle grieve and begin the long path to recovery, our thoughts and prayers are with them.

    Thank you to all the first responders, teachers, and community members who've selflessly helped their friends and neighbors in this moment of hardship.

    President Obama promised to make sure that in the weeks and months to come, the communities affected will get everything they need.

    If you'd like to help with the relief efforts, Click reply and Instructions will be given to you on how you can donate so many families are homeless and need help urgently.
    Jon Carson
    Executive Director
    Organizing for Action
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    Oh thats just nice.

    Spoofing the Red Cross domain?
  3. Jessica

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    Oklahoma Donate<>

    Sorry for responding late, We have been really busy lately. You can send it Via western union. Here is the Information

    Western Union Money transfer:
    Receiver Info:

    Name: Richard Stark
    Address: Albuquerque, New Mexico 87106 USA

    For western union get back to us with the sender name, sender address, MTCN and amount donated.

    Thanks for donating


    Jon Carson
    Executive Director
    Organizing for Action

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