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Date: Mon, 14 Nov 2016 1
From: Mr Karim Barhoumi <d.capezzuto@alice.it>
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Subject: Dear Beneficiary $3.6 Million USA Dollars

Dear Beneficiary $3.6 Million USA Dollars,

This is to inform you that your funds of $3.6 Million USA Dollars which was on hold by the International Monetary Funds for the past few years ago and we did not heard from you again, so after the board executives meeting yesterday it was concluded that your fund should be release to you.So it has been forwarded to the D.H.L for the immediate delivery to you. today afternoon and i will give you tracking numbers, So the only fee you have to pay to them is $105.00 USD for them to purchase your delivery files and start delivery your consignment tomorrow and arrive time is 5:35PM your time make sure that you must be at home tomorrow at 5:35PM after sending this last fee and forward your delivery address with the MTCN# be very fast and do this transfer so your package will follow first P.L.N Tomorrow, here is tracking to others people who receive their own last three weeks to confirm that you will receive your own like them just tracking with www.dhl.comTracking number (Waybill: 3649333240) contactEmail (officeinfo054@gmail.com) (dhlcomp@spoko.pl)

Find below information where you send the require $105.00 for the immediate via MONEY GRAM

Receiver------------ ALA JOHN
Country-----------------Benin Republic
Location City---------Cotonou
Text Question--------When
Sender ------------
Your receiver name ...............
And your home address..............

Be advise that the $105.00 is a compulsory as they told me that is only money you will pay until you receive your payment completely.

I will be looking forward to hear from you with the payment information's and your receiver address..

Yours faithfully.
Mr Karim Barhoumi
International Monetary Funds (IMF)
Representative in Benin Republic.


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Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2017
From: Mrs Veronica Ellen <brigida.fusco@alice.it>
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We have deposited your Inheritance compensation fund ($7.500`000`00 USD) through Money Gram after our finally meeting regarding your Inheritance compensation fund, All you will do is to contact Money Gram Agent Mr. John Grech, via E-mail: (moneygramtransfer50@gmail.com). He will give you direction on how you will be receiving your fund .Remember to send him your Full information to avoid wrong transfer such as,

Receiver's Name_______________
Address: ________________
Country: _____________
Phone Number: __________
Id Copy_______
Your age/sex_____________

So contact Mr. John Grech as soon as you receive this email

Best Regards.
Mr. Karim Barhoumi
IMF Representative Benin Republic
from: FEDERAL MINISTRY OF FINANCE BENIN<lawrenceuduaka@yahoo.com>
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date: Sat, Sep 30, 2017 at 3:16 AM

Office of the Minister of Finance
EMAIL: (office) ( fmf.departmentbenin@pisem.net )
TEL: +229-63057769 (Hot-Line)

Ref: FMF/SGH/101/231
Date: 30th September 2017.
Release/Transfer Notice for your due Funds (US$3,500,000:00).
Payment File No: A.
24Hrs Service

It is very important that the recipient of this Letter should call this office in order to confirm it to us that this very Letter was received by you, the true beneficiary. You are advised to read this Letter very carefully because every para-graph explains what you need to know about the Release and Transfer of your due Funds.
At this point, we wish to remind you to stop all further contact with any person or person(s) whom is not recommended by this Ministry. Our Intelligence Monitoring Unit (I.M.U), Code of Conduct Bureau, Legal Unit and The Benin Republic Police Force (B.P.F) have already apprehended some of those suspects whom attempted to divert your Funds. We are glad to announce it to your hearing today that the Executive President of The Federal Republic of Benin and the Accountant General of the Federation have collectively Approved and signed the Order to Release and Transfer being the certified documentation authorizing us (The Federal Ministry of Finance) to credit your nominated Bank Account. A copy of the Order to Release and Transfer have been forwarded to our international remittance department for the onward crediting of your Funds.

In other words, we put it to you that we are ready to remit your said Funds into your chosen Bank Account, because we have a 4-5 working days time constrain to Pay-off each beneficiary short-listed to be Paid by this Ministry. Our Legal Unit have already reviewed your Payment Files and they have passed it on to my desk for me to Pay you accordingly, so be rest assured that you will receive your due Funds as soon as possible. Officially, you will receive your due Funds via an "Electronic Wire Transfer" which will enable your Funds reflect in your chosen Bank Account within 48hrs after effect. This mode of Payment is defined as one of the best and safest mode to remit huge Funds internationally as it is absolutely different from the usual swift transfer which takes longer time. Most Banks within the United States of America, Europe and other developed countries operate with the "Electronic Wire Transfer" for international transfers because it is a recent innovation in the Banking industry. Certainly we shall transfer your valued US$3,500,000:00 from the Sundry/Suspense Account of the Federal Government of Benin being the official Account for international/foreign Payments/debts. A Sundry/Suspense Account can be defined as a secret Account owned by a government and operated by certain assigned government officials being the authorized signatories whom must sign before Funds can be remitted from such account. For this very account no form of direct withdrawals can be made from it except a Bank to Bank wire transfer which must be Approved by the Executive President being the principal signatory to the account.

Consequent to the fact that I am responsible to Pay you, it is still my duty to enlighten you on the accurate steps to take in order for you to gain full possession of this said Funds been Approved in your name. In the combat against fraud, Funds diversion and Funds delay, we have ensured that several foreign beneficiaries have been Paid accordingly in order to retain and rekindle our country's reputation on the global map because this recent government dispensation is focused and targeted to relieve all foreign debts as mandated by The Senate, The National House of Assembly, The Federal Executive Council (F.E.C), Code of Conduct Bureau and The Federal Ministry of Finance (F.M.F). Already, a lot of foreign beneficiaries have been Paid by this Ministry so yours will not be an exception considering the fact that the executive President have Approved your due Funds today date 30th September 2017. In accordance to section (1) paragraph 9 of the Settlement Edict Law of The Federal Republic of Benin of 1992, it is imperative that you provide us with the below listed information so that we can remit your fund immediately. You only required to pay sum of $139 for our official international transfer charge of your total said amount here.

1. Bank Name and Address.
2. Bank Account Number:
3. Account Holder's Name:
4. Routing Number/Swift Code (very important).
5. Your Residential Address.
6. Your mobile or home telephone Number.
7. A form of identification (I.D Card or Driver's License) is also required for official references.

To this effect, kindly call this office immediately after you read this official Letter. TEL: +229-63057769
This Official Letter is being issued to you (THE BENEFICIARY) by "The Federal Ministry of Finance" in collaboration with The Presidency.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Karim Barhoumi

The Federal Ministry Of Finance. The Federal Ministry Of Finance. The Federal Ministry Of Finance. The Federal Ministry Of Finance.


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From: FEDERAL MISNISTRY OF FINANCE BENIN <fmfbeninre@yahoo.com>
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Date: Wed, 16 May 2018
From: "Mr. Karim Barhoumi" <luca.iole@alice.it>
Reply-To: richsfrank01@gmail.com
Subject: Your Attention Is Urgently Needed:

C/O Ministère de l’Economie et des Finances
Bâtiment IGF, 2e étage
08 BP 989, Cotonou, Benin Republic.
TELEPHONE: +229-69837959
EMAIL: imfclearancecentre@live.com

Your Attention Is Urgently Needed:

This is to intimate you of a very important information which will be of a great help to redeem you from all the difficulties you have been experiencing in getting your long over due payment due to excessive demand for money from you by both corrupt Bank officials and Courier Companies after which your fund remain unpaid to you.

I am Mr. Karim Barhoumi a resident representative of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) It may interest you to know that reports have reached our office by so many correspondence on the uneasy way which people like you are treated by Various Banks and Courier Companies across Europe to Africa and Asia and we have decided to put a stop to that and that is why i was appointed to handle your transaction here in Benin Republic.

All Governmental and Non-Governmental parasites, NGOs, Finance Companies, Banks, Security Companies and Courier companies which have been in contact with you of late have been instructed to back up from your transaction and you have been advised NOT to respond to them anymore since the IMF is now directly in charge of your payment.

You are hereby advised NOT to remit further payment to any institutions with respect to your transaction as your fund will be transferred to you directly from our source. I hope this is clear? Because any action contrary to these instructions is at your own risk. Kindly respond to this e-mail on with immediate effect and we shall give you further details on how your fund will be released.

Reconfirm the information bellow
1. Full Name:
2. Address:
3. Nationality:
4. Age: Date of Birth:
5. Occupation:
6. Phone: Mobile/Cellular.............Fax:..
7. State of Origin:
8. Copy of your identity Card

Respond to via this e-mail ( imfclearancecentre@live.com ) with immediate effect and we shall give you further details on how your fund will be released.

Also call me as soon as you send the e-mail so that you will be given an immediate response: Direct Hot line: CALL: +229-69837959.

Mr. Karim BarhoumiResident Representative


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From: "Mr. Karim Barhoumi" <good.news01@aol.com>
Subject: Your Attention Is Urgently Needed: Kindly Send Your Respond To: BNYMellon@yandex.com