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    From:, [​IMG] Senegal, Sonatel
    Return-Path: <>
    Date: Mon, 1 May 2017
    From: Samantha Jackson <>
    Subject: World Vision International Applicants :

    DearWorld Vision International Applicants,

    Greetings with peace and love from the World Vision International Headquaters in UNITED STATES / CANADA. you are welcome to theWVI montly Training Programmes. be informed that presently weare almost done with the acceptance of Candidates. however, since yourrecommendation comes from our top WVI Colleague, we shall approve your WVIGlobal Membership and grant you the opportunity to work with the WVI. Secondly, be aware that the WVI is only responsible for yourFlight Tickets, Accommodation, and Feeding when you arrive here to the montlyWVI Training Programmes, this is after your successful Registrationas a full member of WVI Organization, that is if you have beenRegistered as one of WVI Global Members, intended Applicants canbeen given the opportunity for a WVI Work Permit, WVI GlobalMembership Card , US Green Card and Canada Pamanent ResidentCard for two months WVI Training Programmesbefore commencement of the project in their various Countries and you will also be enlistedinto the WVI and be working with us Globally with aUS Green Card and Canadian Pamanent Resident Card, you aretherefore advised to get your International Passports ready because it would beneeded during Registration and Visa processes. you will also have to get other nine (9) official members to form a competent group ofnine applicants including yourself and get your team email addresses andtelephone numbers sent. since you are not an American or Canadian, Registration involves the payment of $250 USDollars

    for Single WVI Applicant and a competent Group Application Processing fees involves the sum of $500 US Dollars, however note that,it is alsopossible for you to apply as a Single WVI Applicant, in case you are not capable of forming a group of competent team. please note that we will open your file as soon as your names,telephonenumbers , email addresses and CV gets to us here WVI Headquarters, for your fullparticipation and Visasapproval from the United States Citizenship andImmigration Services (USCIS).

    Need visa ? UN /WVI really want to help you to work &live in USA / Canada
    United States Citizenship and Immigration Services
    WorkVisa USA / CANADA Immigration and citizenship
    WorkVisa CANADA

    Recommended WVI applicants should form a group of 10 or a familyof 7 persons and forward their datas,email addresses to obtain their WVI application Reference File Numbers to WVI TrainingProgramme in USA / Canada. Kindly use the Western Union / Money Gram Informations to sendyour WVI Registration Fees to DAKAR, SENEGAL.

    Modeof Payment : WESTERN UNION / MONEY GRAM
    Receiver Names : PAUL GABRIEL
    Receiver Address : DAKAR, SENEGAL
    Text Question: WVI
    Text Answer: FEES
    Amount Sent in US DOLLARS: ........................ $ USD
    Telephone +221.781017043

    You must provide Scan Copy of your MONEY GRAM / WESTERN UNION Payment Receipturgently via Email Attachment to enable the US Embassy in Dakar Senegal issueyour Visa Seal into your various International Passports accordingly. Provideus with the following informations below...

    AmountSent in USD..............

    Send the following details below by e-mail attachment. These includes the following :
    1)Names of applicants in the group/family
    2)Passport numbers for each applicants if available
    3)Name of country of origin and resident country
    4) Group/family contact telephone numbers
    5)Email addresses of WVI Applicants

    Members without International Passport should forward thefollowing requirements for processing of United Nations EmergencyTravelling Certificate.

    1) Applicant's scanned passport size photograph by e-mail attachment.
    2) Names, dates of birth and name of resident country
    3) Height measure and colour of eyes

    Note informations for those with International Passports and thosewithout International Passports,email addresses and telephone numbers of allParticipants should be sent together same time. On receipt of the above requirements, your WVI group Application Fileswill be approved and certified. your WVI group / family Application ReferenceFile Numbers will be forwarded to you.


    5 persons is the least number we can receive from any group / family.your WVI group/family application will automatically be approved and certified to the WVl Training Programmes if you can forwardyour group / family informations that consist of 10 persons with their emailaddresses and telephone numbers sent also.that means no otherApplications will be accepted from your country after yours. interested WVIApplicants without International Passports can also apply along withthose with International Passports as provisions for the United NationsEmergency Travelling Certificate have been made available for WVI Applicantswithout International Passports.

    Thank you for your co-operation: success is your limit, we do hope to hear from you soon.

    Yours in service,
    Kevin Jenkins.
    President and Chief Executive Officer, WVI.
    America/ Canada / Australia / Europe.
    United States,Washington, DC Office :
    World Vision
    311 "I" Street Ns
    Washington, DC 20011

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