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Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2018
Subject: Attn: Inquiry

Attn: Inquiry

With due respect good day to you and to your family, hope you all are in good health, my dear. I want to find out how foreign establishment works in your country, please can a foreigner establish in your country and finally can you partner with me as a citizen when I come ? I will be waiting for your prompt respons.



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Date: Wed, 29 Aug 2018
Subject: Proofs will be forwarded as we agree, OK ?

Dear Respected Friend,

With due respect goodmorning to you and to your families hope you all are in good health, mydear I send this proposal to you because I want to come down to your countryfor investment and I need a personality like you who will lead me aroundand if possible partner with me in any area we agreed on.

I want you to tell methe areas you feel will be good to invest in your country I mean the areasof establishment that will benefit us and the indigenous citizens of yourcountry, I mean area that you are perfected on them so that we will nothave problem in future that is the reason why I wanted us to discourse onthis subject before we proceed.

If I will be able toknow the areas you want us to establish then I will be able to view howmuch I can move to your position for a start before my arrival, I willlike to move some value to your position before coming to meet with you inperson, I will not come just for coming no we need to commence somethingas soon as I come. But brother you must give me your 100% trust to avoidmy first experience which I don稚 want to remember.

For furthercommunication regarding to this I advise you forward to me your personaldatas as listed below,

Below are my personaldetails, I believe you need them as my partner to be,
Age: 47
Nationality: Ghana (West Africa) presently in Togo
Mobile: +228.92711249

Best regards
Mr. Yerima Everis Idris