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Hello beloved one.

Greetings to you.

First: I tender my apologies to bodging into your privacy this way without a formal notice. However I got your contact from the online personal data collection unit during my frantic effort to source for a sincere reliable, Capable independent and selfless trustworthy and god fearing person to handle this humanitarian oriented project for me. But before i proceed, i would like to introduce myself to you to know me better with proves:

My name is Les Scadding, from UK, I am 66 years, use to be an unemployed mechanic until in 2009 when luck smiled on me. I was the winner of Euromillions Lottery of 2009 where i scooped the amazing sum of 45million. you can check it out here ( http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/45m-lottery-winner-les-scadding-433887 ) I was 58 then. I have three kids; Lisa, Nicola, and Daniel. Having been lucky to win the above mentioned sum in 2009, I settled all my kids and made them millionaires through my winning sum. Then i made some few donations to my church and bought few properties. Then the rest of the fund where handed over to wealth and assets management Inc for a good investment in dollar, which has currently accumulated about $25 Million both capital and return on investment

Now I am battling with a testicular cancer which i beat five years ago but later it resurfaced again. This was discovered when i had my last perennial test this year. My doctors advised that i should be taken to a hospice cos he said i got few time here on earth.. Under this premises, I resolved to dole out the entire money that i have left from the lottery money with the wealth and assets to god fearing and non-greedy person for the purpose of starting a humanitarian project with it; that

would immortalize me when am gone. like i said before, i have settled all my children and therefore have nothing to do with this. The physical property i bought will surely be "bequeathed" to them in my attested "WILL" which will be amended as soon as i found a reliable person to champion this course. I want this money to be used to touched people's life mostly the less privileged, orphans, destitute etc. it was by god's grace that i won that lottery when i had nothing, therefore it would be wise that i give i

If you can handle the fund to effect life positively, don't hesitate to write me back so that i can let you know what is required of you to execute this mission. of course certain percentage of the money will be allotted to you for your sincere and selfless service. and please note that I don't need a penny from you during this period cos there would be no need for that. All i need is just your sincerity, devotion and dedication to execute the project with fear of god and commitment to humanity.

I shall be looking forward to your candid response at your earliest convenience

Les Scadding
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Subject: Inquiry
Date: Thu, 31 May 2018

Hello Dear

Do you have the passion for humanitarian welfare? Can you devote your time and be totally committed and devoted to run multi-million pounds humanitarian charity project sponsored totally by me; with an incentive/compensation accrual to you for your time and effort and at no cost to you.

If interested, reply me for the full details

Les Scadding

The Doctor

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