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I Have A Secured Proposal For You

Liu Shiyu


Liu Shiyu <>
Business Proposal
Dear Partner,

I have to be sure that I am dealing with the right person. I appreciate your trust and effort in this transaction. Like I said this transaction is no joke. I want you to put your 100% trust in me so that we can work as a team and get this deal done before its too late.

My attorney is now processing the original document in your name and will be sent to me which i will be forwarding to you as soon as its out. This alone will cost me so much funds. It will bear your names as the next of kin to the funds. I have taken care of the expenses on my side but it is necessary for me to let you know that you will be required to take care of the cost of opening the account and having the account activated. The reason I am telling you this is because if we transfer the money from here to your account when it is not active the transfer will bounce back hence the money will return to its source which is my bank, I do not want these complications.

However, I want you to know that before sharing the funds in the agreed ratio, we shall first deduct whatever amount that we have spent to bring this transaction to a successful end.

The bank will give you further instruction on how to setup this account.

I am sending you the information of the bank so you can make inquiries on Offshore Basic account. The reason we are making use of this bank is because this is the only bank that has the same banking coordinates with my bank here in Hong Kong. Hence once funds are transferred to the bank, it will take only 8hrs for the funds to enter the account. Using other banks will take about 3-5 working days and sometimes One whole week. Also another reason why we are using this bank is to avoid Monetary bodies, as the transfer will be seen as in-house ( Same telex type and banking coordinates with my Bank). You can then transfer the funds in safe bits to your main account for both of us. Find below the Bank contact details. Send them an email at once informing them that you want to open an Offshore Account and also the cost for the account opening.

Bank Address: Avenue Para 103,
Barcelona 07801 Spain.
Bank Email:
Direct Tel. +34919015597
Direct Fax. +34919015597
Opening Hours: Monday till Saturday:
8am - 6pm
Bank Email:

We shall begin all the process of account setup and work things out together.

Please do contact the bank via the above email immediately you receive this email and apply for an offshore on line account. Have the account opened immediately and send me the complete account details so that I can transfer the funds out of my bank into the account you opened.

Liu Shiyu