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    From hi
    発信元: mx.aol.comヘルプ
    Return-Path: ~juggalotrav1s@aol.com>
    Received: from, China, Zhengzhou, China Unicom Henan Province Network
    Message-ID: ~A0954C6C7B53EEF9227D0C5FC566F240@shjdv>
    From: "hi" ~juggalotrav1s@aol.com> アドレスブックに追加アドレスブックに追加
    Subject: hello,
    Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2013

    iPhone 5, € 308
    Laptop, television, mobile phone, motorcycle .....
    the price is amazing

    www. looodaaa. com
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    The site is also showing as viral.


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